Geisha wanted to bring tourists, tradition to famous hot spring city in Gifu


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I lived nearby,and often had a chat with Russian women who worked in the hostess bars.They had a few stories to tell!

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Geisha are cool.

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Good initiative, but I fear just one geisha being trained in the city wont be enough to "revive the tradition".

Geisha are cool.

Thats what I often hear snap-happy foreign tourists exclaim when I am wandering around the Gion.

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Where do I sign up?

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MoonrakerToday  03:58 pm JST

Where do I sign up?

Gero City , City Hall

960 Mori, Gero, Gifu 509-2202

Phone: 0576-24-2222

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@ Moonraker - there is nothing stopping foreign women training as geisha. There have been famously successful geisha from places such as the UK, Australia and the USA. Of course, perfect nihongo is required.

I wish you luck in your efforts - it is a noble vocation.

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