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Genkai nuclear reactor shut down in Saga; cause unknown


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I agree with zichi! btw, what does that mean??

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It seems the cooling system snuffed it.


Chihiro Kamisawa, a researcher at the Citizens' Nuclear Information Center, an antinuclear organization said;

"It underscores the fact that safety problems riddle Japan's reactors."

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Gee, that is nice. A nuclear reactor shut down ad the people running it don't know why. Next comes the statement, "There is no reason to panic!" At which time everyone panics. Meanwhile only one out of four reactors is working. I can't imagine why anyone would be getting nervous about now...[Grin]

It might be time to fire the management though, take back their salaries and retirement benefits just in case the company is going to need to money soon. Remember nuclear power is completely safe. How do we know? The nuclear industry keeps telling us so, and they would never lie to us.....would they?

It might be a good time to see if any of the big guys have dumped their stock lately. Might be good to confiscate that money as well, just in case the company is going to need the money.

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True Munya. Those that call in a problem get fired as whistle blowers.

I am pro NPP, so I do hope they get it together.

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A few weeks ago I managed to become tremendously unpopular on a nuclear thread here, predicting at least four major NPP disasters in Japan in this upcoming decade.

Hopefully the present one is not a forerunner of a bigger one, but the general miserable condition and operation of the Japanese NPPs hasn't changed for many years. I know there were many more minor accidents in the past years that never hit the newsboards and I suspect there are many more even in these days that doesn't. We might get a bit more of these news while the nuclear issue is in spotlight because of Fukushima and then the silence.

One of my point was the poor staffing and lack of expertise in NPPs. To be more precise and fair and add one possible point, I must admit there are some highly qualified nuclear engineers in Japan working for NPPs but considering the terribly hierarchic and consensus seeking nature of the Japanese society, I doubt they would ever have the courage or the chance to speak out or do things better.

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Parse, people, parse...

“We have not monitored any abnormality such as any change in radiation gauges,” could mean "We have not looked at the radiation gauges". That is, after all, the proven Japanese way of dealing with problems...don't look for them and you won't see them. I hope the crowdsource radiation monitoring network is checking to see what's really happening.

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It said that repair work was being conducted near the condenser

Could have been vibration, or someone's green tea spilled into it. or ash tray.

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Work was being carried out on the condenser when the alarm went off,OOPS

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The cause is called FUKUSHIMA! Japan is too small to have all of these stupid nuclear reactors and now we do not even know how contaminated we are here in Tokyo, they are just giving us information about Chiba, Saitama but not for TOKYO! So IMHO, this plant down in Saga may have lots of scared people after what we are all seeing on TV about FUKUSHIMA.

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lovely, i highly volatile process and nobody know what is going on :o

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Better start reading the manual, not the redacted one of course....

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cause unknown..? refused to work overtime.

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