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Geothermal power plants in Japan quadruple since 2011 nuclear accident


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We have only been saying this for 30 years. Typical of Japan to be unable to seize an obvious opportunity to alleviate their energy troubles. Why? Because the local onsen doesn't want even a small power plant in their neighborhood.

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Speed up chaps, Iceland is waaaay ahead

geothermal power accounts for only 0.3 percent of the country's total power output

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Four times more than before but same power output total. Bing?

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Yesterday there was an article glorifying Japan Post’s eco credentials because it decided to switch to using trees that were cut down legally, instead of illegally, to make billions of largely useless postcards.

Today we’ve got an article praising the country for quadrupling its geothermal plants without, apparently, actually producing any more geothermal power from them.

This constant stream of useless garbage being held up as if it were a major environmental accomplishment in this country (Olympic medals made out of recycled gold, etc is just making me really fed up with the lack of anything of substance.

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peed up chaps, Iceland is waaaay ahead

and what is the population of Iceland compare to Japan? What is population density of Iceland compared to Japan? Get the point?

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Million kilowatts...never heard of Gigawatts ?

The total output has remained unchanged at about 540,000 kilowatts as some large power plants have reduced output.

So progress is zero while Japan has "infinite" (=huge) possibilities for geothermal development.

If you study physically the energy output of onsen, it is an energy drain with most heat going back directly to the atmosphere.

We know Japan is not keen on progress in many areas.

No foreign country will ever point finger at that situation while coal plants are being buitl. You can't have the cake and eat it.

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All of Japan should be using this power which is literally just under the surface..

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As a volcanic island, Japan has a lot of potential for geothermal, which should be exploited. But I very much doubt that can cover their whole energy demand with geo. Maybe Iceland can, but that is a unique situation.

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Here in California we get almost 6% of our electricity from geothermal. If Cali were a country, we would be the number one producer of geothermal in the world. It isn't that we have the most geothermal potential in the world, but rather, that we have the will power to develop our potential.

For decades, California led the U.S. in electricity from wind power, not because we had the most potential, but we wanted to show the rest of the world that it could be done.

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we wanted to show the rest of the world that it could be done

And? Could it? ROFL

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Nuclear power will be back in a flourish here. It's already in the works. All these major power companies thst delve into geothermal, wind, hydro power are already gearing up to revive shutdown nuke plants, and to develop new ones.

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