Ueno Zoo employee Mikako Kaneko points to an image of giant panda Shin Shin holding her newborn cub in her mouth at Ueno Zoo, during a press conference at the zoo in Tokyo on Monday. Photo: Koji Sasahara/AP

Giant panda born in Tokyo zoo; survival uncertain

By Yuri Kageyama

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Poor ShinShin. Losing a child is heartbreaking, and she has already lost one. I truly hope and pray that her cub survives.

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Gumbutee little panda!

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I wonder if the reason for low survival rates has something to do with all that metal and concrete around the mother. Doesnt seem like a very 'natural' place to give birth, wouldnt be surprised if that messed with their maternal instincts

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Glad about the panda birth but that's a pretty scary looking pic.

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For the survival of the species, take the cub and hand raise it

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I've been to Ueno zoo quite a few times and didn't find the panda enclosure very ensuring. It lacks a lot of atmosphere. It's well known that pandas don't produce very well in captivity, but many of the more advanced facilities in china are having good success with more natural surroundings in their enclosure. I'm not surprised the young don't survive in Ueno's concrete pit. I'm sure they can do much better at providing a natural environment for their precious pandas.

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Barely survive ? Not only the giant panda a carnivore that eats primarily bamboo, it has lived in bamboo forests for several million years. The very definition of sex and evolution.

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Hope the baby survives! The employee looks like she's trying to feed her a celery stick.

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If they have that much doubt

Send the little guy to China . They have Panda rearing down to science

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Good grief. Tiles and concrete and metal bars. I wonder if the poor panda chooses to let her baby die rather than keep it alive in there.

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