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Girl found hanged in public toilet in Tokyo


A public sanitation worker discovered a young girl hanging by her neck inside a public toilet in Tokyo’s Bunkyo Ward at about 11:40 a.m. on Wednesday, police said Thursday. The sanitation worker called police and paramedics attempted to revive the girl to no effect. She was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital a short time later.

According to police, the girl was a third-year student at a nearby school. Police later found what appeared to be a suicide note in the girl’s room at home. The note read, “I’m shy and I have no friends. I tried to commit suicide once before, but it didn’t work.”

Her family reported her missing when she didn’t come home on Tuesday night.

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very sad.

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And she thought taking her own life was the only solution? Lord help us.

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Sad, very sad indeed. Maybe, just maybe, if he had got her down without waiting for the cops and paramedics.............?

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Very sad situation. Poor young girl had other options but was not told or taught so. Harry Gatto: I agree but then he may have been looked upon as a suspect.

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I hope they get to the bottom of this.

Absolutely heart-wrenching to think she had NOONE she felt she could turn to.

Heart-breaking. RIP.

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Poor little thing. R.I.P.

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What a waste.

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I sometimes see young kids walking alone, staring at the ground looking like lost sad puppies after school (no keitai yet)... I sometimes say hello and give them a warm smile... I just try to break that depressing roller coaster they are on. This kid fell victim to one of the harshest societies in the world. Very sad...

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Do they have school therapy/counseling in Japan?

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Serious question:

Why is suicide so popular here? And why are so many so quick in killing themselves instead of seeking support from somewhere or dare I say developing a bit of a backbone?

Is suicide taught or idolised within school as being socially acceptable? If not how come even children here seem to commit suicide in such high numbers... The idea or inspiration must come from somewhere.... If that can be found, surely any preventative measure should start there at the source.

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Kids, remember that suicide is a very permanent "solution" to a temporary problem.

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I don't mean to be disrespectful, but of all the places to hang yourself, in a public toilet?

Sad, just so sad - R.I.P.

Does anyone know if she was being bullied at school? the news article gives us no insight into what was going on at school.

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very very sad. poor girl

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According to police, the girl was a third-year student at a nearby school

Not that it makes any difference, but "third-year student at a nearby school" doesn't say whether she was a 3rd grader in elementary, junior high, or high school. Can that be clarified any? I work at a public elementary school and I don't see too much intervention between faculty members and students in need of emotional help. They do have counselors that come but I don't know what kind of counseling they receive and to what extent. Anywho...sad story indeed.

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So sad. I'm with Patrick. This girl had tried to commit suicide before and that was obviously a cry for help. Help that she obviously didn't get.

At the school I work at there is one extremely quiet girl who doesn't seem to talk to anyone and she never smiles. And I just wonder what her home life is like. Don't her parents notice that she is not a happy girl? I'm gonna do my best to reach out to her...

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Ohh that poor girl. She didnt need to do this. God bless. R.I.P.

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I'm gonna do my best to reach out to her...

I'm moved... best wishes for you :)

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She tried once before and failed. Did anybody else know this fact? If so, she should have been sent to counseling! In the school division I work in, we randomly monitor SMS traffic on our network and I came across one suicide discussion between two friends that could have been "just venting" or fatally serious. We didn't take the chance and turned it into that student's school counselor. If you always take all talk of suicide seriously, you'll at least know you did all you could to prevent it down the road.

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Every dead Kid is a shame for Japan, this place must be horrible for depressive Kids.

Where they can go, what can they do, where can they be?

ps. even you discuss this suicide matter with the Parents there is no way out, Japan do not have clinical Places where Kids can get a adequat help!!!

There is not even one clinic in whole Nippon!


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There are tons of kid's helplines(Just visit your ward office to get the list), and around nearly every station you will find "Kokoro or Mental Health Clinics".

I know because I visit one of those clinic weekly.

Difference is that Psychiatrists/Counselors in Japan are not classed as "Doctors" as there is no goverment certifications. So no medical aid coverage for those visits. Thus psychiatrists/Counselors can't prescribe medicine either and you need to visit a GP/Family Doctor that also treats mental illnesses.

The Doctor I visit is both a GP and a Counselor.


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