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Global casino operators mount charm offensive in Japan


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If local authorities get to sell licenses to the highest bidder, I wonder how cheaply they can be bribe...I mean influenced. When they're estimating 10 to 25 billion dollars in income, casino operators will be doing a lot of schmoozing, dining, and hooker-buying in order to get the contract. Hopefully, the licenses will be time-based. Say, five or so years for a renewal and any shady dealings will result in a lost license.

If the PGOTUS opens a casino, chances are the world's best businesman will drive it into the ground in a few years. As he has done with his other businesses. Best con artist will benefit; the local area will not.

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Tokyo’s prospects of having an integrated resort are hampered by ... height restrictions likely to deter operators used to developing high-rise resorts.

Who'd a thought Tokyo had any height restrictions, unless Sky Tree is at that height. And who'd a thought it made a big difference to the operators. All the artist conceptions I have seen are for relatively low rise and landscaped around water.

International operators have said they will likely seek minority stakes in ventures with Japanese partners, who bring political connections

Well, this is par for the course for casino operators and for Japan. And likely why some of those political connections are so in favour of this.

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Japan need to visit Nevada and learn some in and out of gaming management from Nevada Gaming Commission. They are the one of best commission when comes to manage cheaters and gaming employees. They came a long way since 1960s. They know just about everything mob will do to scam the gaming profit.

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Only 2 or 3 casinos at first? I didn't knew that, I assumed we'd get swamped with casino's. But it will be interesting with the new law, i wonder what will happen to pachinko's. Probably won't lose much ground also they can allow cashing out directly instead of a separate shop.

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I sincerely fear the introduction of casinos in Japan. At this point in time, gambling is illegal, but nearly 20% of the adult population play Pachinko and, of these people, nearly 60% are addicted to gambling. My fear is, there will be no control other than an age limit and too many people will become addicted and destroy their lives. I also see a string of children being left in cars while their parents whittle away their grocery budget.

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Trump's meeting with PM Abe soon. Which of the gaming corporations contributed to Trump's campaign besides Sheldon Adelson? https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/sep/23/sheldon-adelson-trump-super-pac-donation-25-million Or will we see a new Trump tower and casino? After all, Trump's said his family will continue doing business; conflict of interest be damned.

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qwertyjapan. Do you know ハウステンボス Hausu Ten Bosu in Sasebo?

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I think it was Frank Sinatra who said something like..."Casinos are the only place where money really does talk...and it says Goodbye".

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“Regardless of the structure, there will be significant interest from international developers.”

So that's what they're calling the Mafia these days, "international developers", sounds legitimate

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the tap dancing winos and hookers was a bit much though

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Gambling a perfect fit here. What other country knows where the mobsters live and still protect them?

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@PTtownsend Trump casino more likely, Trump tower will most likely open in Tokyo near the sky tree.

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Heights. Probably 30 th or higher. Gambling areas are usually at least two floors. Sam Boyd has several casinos in our city. All casinos have at least two Own solar energy back up power plants so when some thing make your electricity shut gf people visit casinos too warm up. If you join club, his casinooos send brochets of free meals and free play cards. Free drinks. I don't drink but people shoo gamble do nt use alcohol.

If casinos are opened, find free service but don't gamble mixing with rich people.

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Surely we don't need the kind of people who travel for gambling. We have enough visitors coming for non-nuisance attractions.

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I on't know why article mentioned Had Rock.. HRwas sold to msoome one ad Caesar's place purchased tisss some. Proposals were by Sa Aðelsn, MGgM and Wynn. Achowns szeveralluryhig rise. Hotelcasinoson. Vegas Strip. Some or mentioedTrumppp tobe Tokyo Casino owner but forget Trump. only own Trump Hotel,in Vedas and he does not have money tto make Casno in Japan but I wonder why Wynn is not mentioned. He recreated Vegas as luxuryCasino city. Osaka official and interpreter visitedour cit to learn how local small area had been affected by Vegas gambling business. They di not knw teresrre more tha ten ctis ow and construction booms. Btw, there is no pacing in. Gambling places. But Video gambling machos are full in gaming floor. Only ocular table games arelackjack ad craps but table gamesot stable to Jan. Short height Janese can't .towicewell at crab . Gamble is legaaal in Japan In USA, each gamblingame have to be able to have probability of winning rate.

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A 17th century Dutch town in Kyushu? Are they out of their minds?

Casinos usually have the best food in town, so bring them on. Unless Japan casinos end up with lousy, shopping center food courts...

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