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Gold gifts still mystify tsunami-wracked city


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A very kind gift which will hopefully help massively in the rebuilding of the communities that were left devastated.

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Wonderful news to So Many displaced & hurt people struggling to survive!

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Congratulations JT on a heart-warming story ! (Makes a nice change...!)

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Letting go of gold to those with life ahead of them. Can't take to grave. Don't want to buy treatment more fearsome than disease. Not dressing up to attract opposite sex anymore.

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Wow, there is still a noble and a decent man/woman on the face of earth believing when he/she does a charitable deed, do not let their left hand know what their right hand is doing. I see hope, dream and future in Tohoku. Thank you.

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I hope the government doesn't tax the hell out of these municipalities for these gifts. If any one here received something of value over 1.3 million yen, if I recall correctly, we could be liable for the taxes on the value of the item.

If they sell these, I hope they can use all the money for what it was intended for in the first place.

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If they sell these, I hope they can use all the money for what it was intended for in the first place.

So do I... Seeing as the present government doesn't see fit to use the donations received for the reconstruction in Fukushima but prefers to build new roads to nowhere, new NPPs in a country that couldn't be less suited to them, sending new ships to other countries, etc... these gifts could certainly help, even just a little, to make these displaced people a little happier, but I'm not holding my breath...

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Did they check its not stolen- could be gold too "hot" to sell on the black market?

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Always heart-warming to hear stories like these. These suffering communities surely could benefit from the generosity of such a kind soul. Thanks, JT.

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Even if this $200,000 did come from unverified sources (kind hearted yaks?) It will be warmly welcomed by the folks up here in tohoku - some of whom have lost everything.Bravo

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It is nice to see some goodness left in the world. I was shocked when visiting the area to see the lack of progress considering the amount of time passed since the terrible disaster.

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(bows in respect towards the anonymous donor) May the karma gained by your actions make your family blessed.

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think the gold bars can be traced as they are all marked with an individual serial number

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It is about time we read a news story about something uplifting... Thanks JT

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