Golden Week holiday exodus begins


Airports, expressways and trains were crowded Saturday as the Golden Week holiday rush got under way.

The holidays this year are grouped around two long weekends.

Major travel agency JTB Corp is predicting that a record number of people will travel during Golden Week.

JTB said that a survey reveals 22.796 million people will go on a trip during the holiday period through May 6. The survey was based on the number of flight and train bookings. Of the number, about 22.2 million will go on domestic trips, and the rest abroad.

JTB said the figure is the highest since it started keeping records in 1969, even though the number of consecutive holidays this year is less than usual.

The survey showed that domestic travelers plan to spend around 35,900 yen, which is 2.9% higher than last year. "As the economic mood is getting positive, many people are willing to spend more on traveling," JTB said.

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poor sods, overpriced travel, hotels and huge crowds all squeezing into the same spaces. heres an idea how about companies give workers time off when it suits them. you can avoid all the stress and save a bundle when you decide to holiday in offpeak times. sadly dont see this happening in Japan in the next millenia

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As the economic mood is getting positive-------more likely prices of travel including gasoline has risen by 2.9%

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I went to Yamashita Park today forgetting that it was the start of GW, It was pretty crowded as was that amusement center near Landmark Tower.

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How can they seriously hope to rejuvenate the economy in rural areas when the whole country goes on holiday at the same time? It seems that the tourist economy in Japan's beauty spots is reliant on three boom weeks of the year and the rest of the time hotels are near empty. If Japan really wants growth in it's domestic economy they have to think about making more than a few social changes.

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Went away at the end of March for 10 days, half the price of a 4 day excursion during GW. It's really awful how everyone gets ripped^off by the GW greed.

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It's funny that this country bases it's get away times on those special times of the year. Mostly retired folks are lucky to be able to travel whenever they like but the workers are locked into those special times only.

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Major travel agency JTB Corp is predicting that a record number of people will travel during Golden Week.

predicting? no confirmed bookings yet?

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As gasoline and imported goods become more expensive this year, I will increase the prices of my tourism related business next year, who cares if people can spend more if the services and products also costs more at the same.

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Even though my name sake bears striking resemblance to this ""holiday""...........I do all I can NOT to take a holiday during GW, its awful, crowds, prices, traffic jams...............forget it!

I just stick close to home, we keep busy working, make some $$ & some other time take a break!

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I like how the trains in Tokyo aren't quite as crowded as usual during GW.

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I got tired of the annual event during consecutive holidays. Wherever I go, there are lots of people and cars. For example, public parks, department stores, amusement parks, sightseeing areas, and additional fee. I am not willing to go out during vacation

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I, for one, won't be traveling anywhere. but BBQs planned and refreshing beers coming up!

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best thing to do over GW is... STAY AT HOME!

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I really hate golden week. Sorry to be so grumpy but you can't go anywhere

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GW is never going away. Any of you who haved worked in an office and observed or have been subject to the "last man out is the best" syndrome KNOWS the true allure of GW, O-Bon and O-Shogetsu is everyone is doing the same thing at the same time and people having fun or sleeping in can do so without guilt or the thought of someone else at their workplace toiling away and being more majime than they are.

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Same as Xmas or Thanksgiving or Easter back home. Crowds, higher prices, reunions with crazy family members. Chinese New Year in China is even worse. It's just part of being human. Shouganai.

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@Jack Stern

Mostly retired folks are lucky to be able to travel whenever they like but the workers are locked into those special times only.

Yet strangely, many retired people also travel during GW...

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Golden Week in Japan.... April 29th Emperors Birthday... Greenry day...Showa day. May 3 rd Constitution day May 4th added as holiday,,,, Greenry day May 5th Children's day... originally Boy's day. Longest holiday stretch in Japan and also the highest suicide rate. It's not really a week but everyone is taking the non-holliday days off.

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Good point, PaulJ. These limited and state-ordered "holidays" suppress the potential economic benefits that tourism can bring, especially to rural areas, which in Japan could really, really benefit.

Tourism is the world's biggest industry. Too bad the govt doesn't realize it, and would rather pour industrial concrete over the countryside rather than encourage a greater scope of travel there.

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I have never liked traveling during this GW time, however this time I need to present a copy of a death certificate to get a ticket to make it back to California in time for my younger brother's funeral, so in a few hours I will be in Narita with the masses but not for a happy vacation, but just to help my mom, my family get through this pain, and well everyone else here on JT I do wish you all a happy GW, stay safe, no accidents.

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$35,900 Yen? That's about $375. For 'Golden Week'? Sounds more like charity to me.

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@Elbuda Mexicano: Safe and sane travels to you and blessings to your family in California (it's my home state, too).

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