Gov't asks public to check hospital schedules before 10-day holiday


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Doctors I know are always on vacation in Hawaii during GW. I doubt they will respond to any ER calls.

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That seems odd, must be and are in rural areas understaffed? Poor scheduling? Plus this group mentality where everyone must take time off together. Years ago I needed a doctor to sew a toe back on...sadly all the doctors in my area! Had that particular day off regularly. So a bus and train latter got my toe back on. It really is poor planning in a country plagued with natural disasters, such as an extended holiday?

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Going to be a somewhat messed up ten days or so. banks will be closed but ATM working until not working and not receiving daily service. Transport bus and trains Sunday service. Food stores open but markets closed. Some supplies will run down.

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Some, however, have chosen to halt all services except emergency care to allow doctors some time off.

If doctors (and all of the personnel) take holidays through the year by turns then hospitals probably wouldn't need to close...

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This ultimately highlights the foolishness of giving people all the same holidays in the form of national holidays.

They should halve the number of national holidays and simply enforce the labour law that states workers get paid holidays.

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How about automatic withdrawals for bills and mortgages? Bet ya they're still on.

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pointofviewToday  10:38 pm JST

“How about automatic withdrawals for bills and mortgages? Bet ya they're still on.”

Two credit cards plus a propane bill, all three of which normally withdraw the payments on the 27th, sent notices that the withdrawals will be done on May 7. I need to check on several other withdrawal timings. Have a little pile of unopened snail and e-mails that may hold some answers.

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Forgot to mention: I can’t think of any of my automatic payments that do not normally and automatically change the date when the regular one falls on a weekend or holiday. No reason to think this will be any different.

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Gotta love the irony -- hospitals operate by business hours only, but in Japan, businesses force employees to work from early morning until late at night. So, not only can we not get to one if we want to, especially since most will close on holidays, which is the time most accidents happen, they don't have to follow the hours of overtime regular people who need the clinics as a result do. This is why the nation's health care system is so poor. Its tech is good, and treatment more or less fine (when they don't make mistakes), but they run it like a business.

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Another reason why having everyone take holidays and vacations at the same time is stupid.

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Another reason why having everyone take holidays and vacations at the same time is stupid.

yep Japan better wish there isnt a natural disaster during a major vacation, the injured will literally be dying waiting to be treated, all because some moron thinks its a good idea for everybody to take holidays at the same time

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It's a joke how hospitals here operate like regular businesses: 9-5.

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So they expect 1500 people but basically saying "we are closed"? How many people are going to die from this holiday? Give one extra day not a damn week and a half!

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Makes me love my doctor. He's open every other day during golden week. Bit of a commute but worth it, honestly.

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Once again, people whining without bothering to figure out how these things work to make sure that they know what they are whining about.

Many Japanese go to hospitals instead of clinics, for simple things like common colds or other non-emergency ailments. These are not emergency room admissions, rather out-patients. The part of the hospital that treats these people will be closed. The emergency rooms will still be open, as they always are.

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