Gov't conducts evacuation drill in Fukui for multiple nuclear accidents


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Propaganda, ldp style.

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This is so wrong and so immoral on many fronts. It is really sad to hear that 20000+ plus people actually participated, and you know and I know (and Abe knows) that these drills won’t amount to anything when real disaster strikes.

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Comforting to know they will be using masks.

Wait. This is why Japan has the longest life in the world! Masks.

In other news, have I said today how I loathe EVERYTHING nuclear? Well, I'm saying it again. Hate that mess.

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This wouldn't be necessary if they used some less potentially disastrous and sustainable method of supplying power.

They do exist.

Problem is they don't make money for Abe's friends and relations.

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Many of the nuclear power plants around Tsuruga Bay/ Wakasa Bay, such as Oi, Tsuruga, Monju, and Mihama are built in remote areas with a single narrow road leading to and from them. In an emergency, it will be hard to get rescue and support vehicles in, and local people out in any sort of hurry. You'd better off with a boat.

There was a very good reason, or two, for building these plants in out-of-the-way areas of Japan; 1) with dried-up local industries, people would do anything for money and jobs; 2) in event of a nuclear accident, not so many people lived nearby.

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Probably know something we don't.

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Prevention is better than cure.

This "drill" is a complete farce and waste of time!

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For all the drills that take place in Japan the wheels fall off very quickly when there is a real disaster. The 2011 quake was a great example. People had been drilled many times about the correct prodecdure in a major quake, but most just froze in the quake. I saw people running under vinyl awnings to seek protection in one of the major aftershocks. Idiots! I was standing in the middle of the street laughing at them. This scenario of a multiple meltdown is a very good example of why JAPAN SHOUKD NOT CONTINUE ITS PERSUIT OF NUCLEAR POWER RELIANCE!

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why are they restarting? This is madness

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And that bloody paper facemask is purely "Magical Thinking". Jeepers, such ignorance.

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Completely bogus. There is no evacuation during a meltdown, just luck. All the money spent on revving up nukes in Japan should be spent on sustainable and renewable energy. Such a no-brainer. However, greed and not brains or true care for the future of Japan seem to be calling the shots. If you can vote, please vote Abe OUT, and as much of the LDP as possible.

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Propagandistic "Evacuation drill" by Abe government who want to insist that "Our evacuation plan has no problems".

Japan's nuclear policy still ignore worst case scenario.

If natural disaster destroyed evacuation routes?

In the summer heat like this year,

Can residents endure indoor evacuation that "stop air conditioner,shut the window"?

and so,very problematic.

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Also a cleverly staged PR campaign to show that the locals are all about the restarts. Just saying.

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Looks like they're training for "walking on an asphalt road in thick worksmen clothes while wearing placards." I might just go for the meltdown.

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Where exactly will those people evacuate to in the event of a meltdown?

Hopefully, it won’t be raining at the time?

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Conforting to know they will be using masks.

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