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Gov't considers tax breaks for donations to Kyoto Animation


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considers? pfff. In these kind of cases, donations should go to the victims 100% no questions asked. Donations to politicians them 100%!

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That's sad that the government even needs to consider. It was a domestic terrorist attack that claimed so many lives. Just let the victims and the company have all of the donations. Pretty simple decision

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The government is intent on taxing this country to death. And censors suck.

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From a business perspective, I can accept the loss of personnel as potentially damaging, (thought in sure there are un(der) employed illustrators out there who would jump at the chance of working for KyoAni, but there is such a thing as insurance. If they are not adequately insured, that is their negligence and I don’t see why they should be reliant on the goodwill of third parties. After all, we’re not talking about an Act of God here.

Donations for the injured and bereaved are a separate matter.

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Just for clarification, but are these donations to the company itself, not to the bereaved?

At the time of the attack, the door was unlocked because they were having a meeting with TV people that day. It is possible there are victims who were not KyoAni employees. Freelancers and temp staff from Pasona etc. too.

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Kohakuebisu, “Just for clarification, but are these donations to the company itself, not to the bereaved?”

The answer is in the first sentence of the article.

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Okay, I get it now. The bereaved families are a separate issue.

There are other upvoted comments about victims, so I suppose I'm not the only one.

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Did I miss the tax breaks going for the Fukushima victims? I guess KyoAni is more important.

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