Gov't speeds up reconstruction efforts after torrential rains


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The photograph provided quite more info than the wording of the article.

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Abe stay in Tokyo,

You make promises to the people you can't keep. (Tohoku, Kumamoto, etc) not to mention that if you decide to go and visit these areas you will be getting in the way of the people who are actually working to save lives.

Keep your "show" for another time, better yet, dont bother coming because no one can trust what you say!

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Does that 2 billion include to 20 million from Taiwan? Let's also give credit where credit is due. Also, Prime Minister should stay in Tokyo. We got it. You want to increase you popularity polls. All the security and media personnel will only get in the way for rescue, recovery and rebuilding efforts. I am sure he has a command post in Tokyo where he can receive info from the designated leaders of the operations.

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It seems that 'full-fledged reconstruction' would require an expanded workforce. The workers will come from...?

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Does that 2 billion include to 20 million from Taiwan?

A typhoon is hitting Taiwan. If it causes extensive damage, will Japan reciprocate? My best to Taiwanese people; my travels there have left only positive impressions.

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Politicians take-they don’t give!

If Abe is serious then he’ll make the make the disaster areas tax free zones whilst providing funds for reconstruction (not loans)

But this is wishful thinking and won’t happen.....

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If this goes anything like Fukushima these folks should settle down for a long stay in their "temporary accommodation"

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@PTownsend - cue the hiring of foreign overseas workers perhaps?

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Reconstruction after the calamities is kind of too late measures. Before "natural" disasters happen should find ways, e.g., for properties insurances to cover the damages, for the lands more infra-structures, for people safety more local guidance be instructed by experts. Just to think it will happen every year some place in Japan, statistically displayed. Once prepared to those items it will cost less the government measures for reconstructions, as well as, it won't be enough to regain the same what was before the disasters.

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JR West should prioritize re-opening the San'yo Main Line from Shimonoseki to Himeji, since once that line reopens at least essential goods can be moved by train. They also need to get the San'yo and Chugoku Expressways reopened, too.

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One of the things that I most admire about the Japanese is how quickly they recover from a disaster. Ganbare Japan!

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Yes. The photo gives more info. I'm glad to see communities pulling together for each other.

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Snap election anyone?

BTW. A F-35A bomber costs around $85m plus maintaince, training and fuel. Suga will give $18m for 180+ dead and upwards of 200000 homeless...

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Not to be a downer, but we heard the same thing after the 3/11 earthquake. People are still waiting for housing and compensation from TEPCO more than seven years later. I would seriously like to believe this is more than lip-service, as would the quarter of a million people relying on government assistance to rebuild their lives.

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Japan is quicker and better than most countries dealing with the aftermath of major disasters. In Italy I saw major earthquakes and after ten years very little had happened to rebuild.

Sure they are, and it's mostly due to the government being willing to bankrupt future generations to do it!

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@Zichi - People are still waiting for housing and compensation from TEPCO more than seven years later. - Fukushima evacuees have received more than ¥5 trillion in compensation payments. There are hundreds of thousands of people in Miyagi and Iwate who lost their homes to the mega earthquake and tsunami and received zero compensation. Sone of the Fukushima evacuees also lost their homes to the mega earthquake and tsunami but received compensations because of the nuclear disaster.

A big “So what!” to that. Yes, many people have received portions of their compensation , but only a few have been fully compensated. And, there are still thousands of people living in temporary housing or shelter in the Tohoku region. This flood disaster in western Japan is on the sane scale as the tsunami with around a quarter of a million people displaced. This means that, these people will be waiting for years to get any kind of help from the government despite the lip-service in this article.

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@Zichi. 90,000 still in containers and others forced to move to highly irradiated homes. Then there is Kumamoto...abe is only there for his snap election.

if your figures are true, please prove, that is about 8 years living expenses. They lost houses but have mortgages. They lost family. They lost everything. We the taxpayers had to pay. Tepco split and is making a nice little profit.

but the latest disaster can’t be blamed on a well-connected company. It is the result of bad planning.

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