Gov't starts search for fire ants at 68 ports


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Stable door.  horse. 

The invasion has already happened.

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Had a chuckle the other day when I went to my local DIY shop.

A BIG display had been set up at the entrance with an enlarged poster of a fire ant about 75cm X 75cm. There were all the warnings and nitty details about these pests and of course the obligatory rows of insecticidal sprays, powders, traps etc. to be purchased - you know, "What price to pay to keep your loved ones safe."

Except until now - we are one place that fire ants haven't been detected - but no doubt will.

Fear can be a great business prodder. Lotsa customers appeared to be interested.

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I don't think that we have these ants in the UK, it sounds like that they are a nasty bit of work.

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Too little, far, far too late.

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wanderlustToday  11:08 am JST

Pro-active, not reactive!

Do those words even exist in Japanese?

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Australia has spent a lot of money trying to contain these ants, billions! and they are spreading still. From Queensland and recently NSW. Eradication is a lofty goal.

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Get some fire ants in your pants, and you'll know about it pretty quick

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The Japanese government should contact Australian or New Zealand governments for expert advice on how to manage the problem, and prevent future outbreaks. Their biosecurity programmes are amongst the best in the world. As an example, in the past, NZ MAFF staff were stationed in Japan to pre-screen secondhand cars before leaving the country, to protect their environment. Pro-active, not reactive!

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Lots of luck. I have been chasing fire ants around my yard in North Carolina for years. I wipe out one nest but always a few survive to start another one. Also think some immigrate from other yards. They are nasty in how they bite. They don't usually bite individually but wait until a number of the ants are on the person and then they signal to start biting. This is why they are so bad.

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"And it would be super easy to have immediately put out more of those little boxes of goodies the ants take home that take out the colony, you can buy these anywhere!!"


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Better late than never but this is LATE!!

This should have been instigated IMMEDIATELY at all ports nation wide after the FIRST discovery.....this aint rocket science to START LOOKING.

And it would be super easy to have immediately put out more of those little boxes of goodies the ants take home that take out the colony, you can buy these anywhere!!

Talk about asleep at the wheel!

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It is already to late.

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