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Gov't studies safety of painless childbirth


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Good lord, many countries use drugs to reduce pain during child birth. I hope these experts ask their peers in other countries for the training manual. I was shocked when my daughter was giving birth that nothing was offered to ease the pain, when I asked I was told extra 40,000 and will take time to find someone who knows how to do it? In a hospital specialising in births?

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the Japan Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists reported that since 2010, 14 women have died during or after child delivery in which anesthesia was used to relieve pain.

I notice they didn't say "caused by". I wonder how many women died in "painful" (the "painless" designation is misleading) child birth?

I agree. It does sound like they might do well to reach out to countries that have been doing this successfully for decades. But then they'd miss out on all that extra research money.

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Use of painfree birth options (i assume epidural) is almost to the point of being "normal" in most western countries (40% in UK, 60% in US and 77% in France apparently!). If the risks were that high, it would not be as popular as it is.

They really need to call in help from some of the more medically advanced countries, to get their anesthetists trained up on how to do this. Really hoping they work out how to do it without killing the mothers before we decide to have our second child, because i dont want to have to travel to the other side of Tokyo and do an induced delivery just to give ourselves the option of pain free birth.

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I can tell you now if a man had to endure the pain of childbirth it would have been painless 40 years ago, (and I'm not degrading the beauty of birth) I'm just saying a panel of beauracracts whom are mostly if not all male might not be in the best position to reaseach a simple procedure used for decades in other countries, as its slipped buy them for decades! Nice to be a man even nicer to be a beauracract.

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At the women's clinic you can get a private room with toilet and bed for your family plus menu of drugs that you want to choose. In some places in Japan having a baby is like checking into a hotel for one day. Then after that go on a diet don't eat food so that you're not fat so your husband will not leave you.

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Having a child is painful, it makes the mother bond with the child.

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Seriously ?

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Binato: yes seriously, google it, there are studies that shows that pain during childbirth creates a strong love for the child. It all came out after the 70's when nearly all births became "painless" and c sections.

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There are studies that say all kinda stuff...I also have a bridge for sale if you'd like

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I can't find what your talking about. I can find studies that show a link between having a child and depression though !

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@ Gogogo


I m from France, where most of hospitals offer this possibility for more than a decade. In fact, as said earlier, a large pourcentage of mothers used it to give birth . But we don't have have every week a news about infanticidal or a new born abandonment . How do u explain that???

This is a old man excuse to think a woman should suffer to become a mother.

And for those who think, birth pain and mother-child bond is linked, I strongly suggest to give a try to the birth similator. Then tell me if you feel more bonded to your child!

I m pretty sure, they will quickly change their mind.

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You can down votes and disagree all you want the info it out there. You can choose to ignore it if you wish.

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Then please, give a link to a serious study on the matter.

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This has a lot to do with inexperience. Anesthesiologists at major hospitals who attend many C sections are experienced in giving epidurals, but these hospitals usually don't offer optional epidurals. The smaller private hospitals that do have a hard time finding anesthesiologists with enough relevant experience, creating a safety hazard. In countries where these practices are the norm, doctors get ample experience during residency. Another issue is they often insist on induction in order to suit the anesthesiologist's schedule, which adds a layer of complexity. I looked into this before having my own children and found there wasn't a hospital local to me that offered this in conditions I considered safe.

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