Gov't, TEPCO ordered to compensate Fukushima evacuees to Hokkaido


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Wow! Y594,382 per person. That's equivalent to about 2 months salary for a freshman staff.

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That's what I was thinking too. The justice system is a joke in Japan. Also 50000 people are dead or missing and hundreds of thousands were forced out of their homes and only 30 cases brought to the court? Japanese people really have to learn to stand up for themselves.

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It was also the 15th decision handed down among around 30 similar damages suits filed across Japan over one of the world's worst nuclear disasters, triggered by the massive earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.

Why do the writers continue to play with words here to try to down play the fact that Fukushima IS the world's WORST nuclear disaster, and it's still on going 9 years after!

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Japanese people really have to learn to stand up for themselves.

They'll do that when the media stop doing the jingoistic 'us vs them' tripe where they act like the rest of the world is out to get them...

Aside from natural phenomena, all of Japan's problems in recent years have been made or exacerbated by Japanese people

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Following the ruling, TEPCO offered a "heartfelt apology for causing great trouble and worries" to those affected in Fukushima and other areas and said it will consider how to respond to the court decision after closely examining it

Yeah, sure. They put out a bs apology and will probably continue fighting it or get it whittled down to an even more paltry amount. After that, they'll pass on the cost to the consumer.

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I stand corrected. You are right. The 50000 people are the currently displaced, and your number is correct.

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So that... roughly... what? 600,000 yen per family? Maybe a fifth of a year's salary for ONE worker the lower end of spectrum... this many years after the fact? That'll accomplish... ummm... nothing.

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