Gov't to again skip requesting power-saving in summer


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Well sure, now that the government has virtual ownership of TEPCO, it's in their interest to discourage people from conserving power.

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The government needs the cash, keep the power flowing with the extra 10% we all have to pay.

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Skip requesting power saving?

I see no sign of the 28-degree hell that we have endured ever since "Cool" Biz was implemented coming to an end. Indeed, indoor temperatures in the winter are kept much higher than they were before Cool Biz began, and "Warm Biz" never existed.

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@Stephen I may be wrong, but I think TEPCO was split. The govt (taxpayers) own over 50% of the decommissioning of Fukushima Dainichi side (expensive and money losing), while the fat cats own the other side which making massive profits, helped along by 10% price increase.

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Now that companies have realized how much money they can save by subjecting employees to stuffy offices, they are hardly going to go back to a nice cool 26 degrees or so. The worst are the trains though. Please turn the aircon on faster in rush hour because sweaty salarymen dripping sweat on me is just the worst...

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The populace has by now learned to turn off unnecessary lighting, thin out lightbulbs, or use alternative lighting. At home I found I could even get used to running the aircon in the main room at 27/28, encouraged in that discovery by the size of my pension. So much more comfortable in that one room. Once learned it is difficult to unlearn.

By comparison I was shocked to see some of the unconscious wastefulness back in the west.

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True, "warm biz" never existed, anyway. A bunch of Japanese people in my office laughed when I suggested it, as I was tired of sweating in mid-winter while wearing a simple cotton shirt.

The govt and public were never serious. It all about forcing people to suffer en masse in summer, a wa-building exercise. Where were the building and housing insulation and glazing upgrades? Nada.

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From 2014 aircon made have processor inserted to allow the Power supplier to signal high demand to the aircon and to over ride the settings. It start a power saving cycle of Fan only for 15 min then cooling unit and fan for 5 min with you being aware. Jeff Lee the reason why your Japanese follow worker are laughing is. 90% of Japanese apocrine glands have recede so don't endure body odour.

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