Gov't to ask shinkansen operators to advance quake-resistance work


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Investing in heavy lift military helicopters would make more sense than buying F-35s. In any natural disaster they have duel use. Of course infrastructure maintenance is important, but it would only take a day to remove the train, and maybe two days to check track damage.

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Gov't to ask shinkansen operators to advance quake-resistance work

Translation: construction industry orders government to get the cement trucks rolling.

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten you, Mr. Aso.

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The Japanese government said Tuesday it will request companies operating **shinkansen (bullet trains) to accelerate construction work to boost the earthquake resistance of shinkansen lines if it is technically viable.**

you mean provisions that should have done before they laid out the tracks originally?

always AFTER disasters, never in anticipation here

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The company plans to spend 20 billion to 40 billion yen annually in the future, but it had only completed necessary work for 11.25 percent of 20,000 concrete utility poles and for 66.55 percent of 55,000 viaduct pillars on the Tohoku and Joetsu Shinkansen lines as of the end of March.

That's much money, where money come from, train passenger isn't it? Where's passenger?

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