Gov't to extend travel subsidy program until around June


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make your own decisions for your own life

Fully intend to! I don't need this nanny state nonsense.

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Obviously, the government feels that it is safe to travel, right?

And it is!

I’ve been doing so, along with millions of others, everyday, for months and months now.

I am healthy, low risk and pay attention to what I touch.

Don't buy into the panic

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Japan - the only country in the entire world that thinks it's a good idea to run a travel campaign in the middle of a 100 year pandemic. As usual, stubborn to the core and will never reverse course. The most idiotic thing I have ever seen this government do outside of sell tobacco.

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It seems a bit crazy that other countries went into lockdowns, quarantines and had border closures when virus cases spiked, but Japan promotes a travel campaign.

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@Bernard Marx: Very happy to hear this. Will be booking a cheap holiday somewhere. Perhaps Hokkaido or Okinawa.

The government should trust the people. If you have a co-morbidity (aka a known condition that is already life threatening) it is a good idea to stay home and ride it out. If you are scared - stay home. If not, take common sense measures to reduce your chances of being infected and enjoy your freedom to make your own decisions for your own life. Should be a lot less people out there crowding the beaches in Okinawa and the ski slopes in Hokkaido.

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Go To Trouble, not Travel!

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This is a very clever move, first it helps the tourist industry and second it helps to reduce the number of people receiving pensions.

The government gets what it wants higher tax income and reduced pension cost, a win-win situation.

I guess Mister Suga made sure that he stays well protected and is well taken care of in the unlikely case that he himself should catch the virus.

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The government and Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike are also asking people aged 65 and older and those with underlying health conditions to refrain from making trips to or from the capital using the scheme.

Proof of how clueless the authorities are in dealing with the true nature of this pandemic, as everyone can see that the highest number of new cases are starting in the youngest adults age range. Their rational does not implicitly slow down the spread of the virus itself.

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Suga is in a panic, Koike has lost it. It is in their eyes. We are in deep trouble

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Bar code ojisan has no idea. Not the time to be promoting travel or eating out. Madness.

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Perfect timing. It will just be ending around when the vaccines will likely be widely available and it’ll be safe to travel again.

Oh wait...

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Very happy to hear this. Will be booking a cheap holiday somewhere. Perhaps Hokkaido or Okinawa.

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Unless you are very wealthy anyone using this program isn't altogether upstairs. Any spare money you have should be saved. Not spent sitting in 'romance cars'. The global economy is crumbling.

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And, more people will be killed by self-righteous policy of neo-liberalism Suga government.

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Gov't to extend travel subsidy program until around June

By this they are admitting that the situation won't be under control until than at least. If it were, there would naturally be tourists, domestic and foreign.

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some already ditched the mask use, when compared with a few months ago.

I see no evidence of this. Mask use is almost 100% where it matters (indoors).

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Flat out abuse of Japanese people, all this money could have gone into the pockets of the population. Not LDP donator companies. It’s just abuse on a crazy scale. Money for hotels? Money for restaurants? But no money for hospitals, that alone says it all. And have enough for military spending? Abuse.

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I expect it to be suspended still this evening. Or do you want to be made responsible for further rising numbers?

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The Go To Travel campaign will continue beyond its original end date in late January as the government sees the need to keep supporting the tourism industry and regional economies battered by the pandemic, the source said.

They don't see the need to support families in dire circumstances and the many precariously employed workers.

Who may be able to pivot to different types of commercial activities if provided support.

Instead continue to dump money into top heavy crony businesses who lack economic prospects in the near term.

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The government had been notified of 202 coronavirus infection cases among Go To Travel users as of Nov 26.

And how many people did those cases infect at either end?

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i expect the government will extend the subsidy program past June next year too, as it is the wrong thing to do, and “there is nothing as permanent as a temporary government program” — M. Friedman

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Suspend it whilst the infection s are surging and restart it next year when the virus is brought under control and vaccines are proven and widely available. In the meantime give tax holiday/ breaks to the tourism operators. Then again maybe not since the J- Inc crony companies don't wanna miss out on skimming the cream of the program. Let's keep it going...what better time than when the virus is surging - it's the unique " Japan model". ...and since the plebs will dully vote LDP back in next year,'s all good.

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One thing about the japanese- they cannot reverse course and admit they were wrong. They just can't do it

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This is so irresponsible.

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One thing is to balance economy with public health which is already questionable per se.

The other is to actively promote travelling during a global pandemic when we are reaching new record of cases each week.

However it looks like the numbers have been capped at 500’s for now to give the false impression that its relatively under control.

This sends the wrong message to the general public, who keeps not respecting social distancing, and some already ditched the mask use, when compared with a few months ago.

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Well, I guess they'll keep saying "There's no proof of the campaign contributing to the rise in cases of where people have travelled" as the Olympics are permanently cancelled.

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