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Gov't to fight forced sterilization compensation case


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Just pay the woman already. It will cost you way more to fight this thing than that meager amount she's asking for.

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Government to fight compensation for a barbaric practice the government implemented? That says a lot.

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How can anyone morally fight against this woman? What a disgrace. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare should be ashamed of itself, they are making Japan look really bad on this one.

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@ Strangerland - because it's not a moral fight, it's a financial one. Once they start paying people, that will open up the floodgates for many other things, maybe even paying Chinese victims of experimentation during the war.

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I have to say while the law was barbaric and Naziesque, I have to agree with Michael Jackson this would open the floodgates for anyone affected by this law or similar laws and their families... Thus paying isn't really an option. Also I would guess that many people had likely also been adversely affected by radiation related genetic damage for obvious reasons.

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