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Gov't to open women's support office for abuse, poverty sufferers


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poverty sufferers

Will government give them money?

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The ministry will secure 10 full-time staff for the office, which will be established under its social welfare bureau to deal with women's issues more comprehensively amid a rise in such problems as being forced to work in the adult film industry among other forms of sexual exploitation, they said.

More useless overpaid layers of bureaucracy and means testing when what these women need is a universal basic income like corporations got during the pandemic while many women in precarious jobs were forced out of work with no support.

In addition the promotion of the useless My Number scheme to get the bureaucrats claws into as much worker income as possible makes it much more difficult and complex for many of these women working in zero hour, contract positions or paid in cash to make a living.

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The ministry will secure 10 full-time staff for the office,

Bet they "secure" 10 guys who have zero idea or interest in the jobs they are expected to do. Or possibly add some female who is just as bad.

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At present, the system of support for women is based on the country's 1956 anti-prostitution law, which is aimed at protecting those who feel their only way out of their situation is through prostitution.

Which was put into effect following WW2 because at the time, that was the only avenue available to women.

This also says a hell of a lot how the government actually views the roles of women in the work place and society here.

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About time!!!! I imagine a bunch of suited blokes with no idea how to deal with women.

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All show and no go. This is ... Japan.

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Only 10 people? What a big help for so many women raising in poverty kids and victims....this administration is doomed and disconnected from real world since decades...

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Wish this will be a glimpse of hope for women in Japan who are facing life difficulties and also sexual exploitation. Kudos for the effort and hopefully more to come.

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Only in Tokyo?

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10 workers and I’m betting one is the 75 year old leader who has 0 experience but needs a place to sit before he gets his last 5 years of work positional raise.

I can only be skeptical but even still it’s a needed office. Hopefully it can be as effective as it needs to be

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