Gov't to allocate foreign workers by region, sector


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As long as the technical exams are not designed for the workers to fail them like the nursing intern program where 2 out of 300 passed.

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...and the foreign workers under this program will all be fitted with GPS locator ankle bracelets to make sure they stay where they're told

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As for support measures for foreign workers, the government seeks to set up one-stop consultation centers and provide administrative services and natural disaster information in multiple languages.

And you are going to be sending these workers out to the boondocks here to work. Just how in the world are they supposed to access these services from where they are placed?

Another layer of taxpayer money going for services that should be handled at the local level. Give the training and money to the local municipal offices and let them DO THEIR JOBS!

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Gov't to allocate foreign workers by region, sector

When the gov't does something according to common-sense, it's headline news.

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Regional communities face severer labor crunches than metropolises. To prevent excessive concentration of foreign workers in Tokyo and other big cities, the Justice Ministry plans to make public how many foreigners would be working under the new scheme by prefecture and industry once every three months.

There should be a live tracking app so the public can avoid areas where foreigners congregate. Flashing in red, mind you.

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as part of its efforts to avoid having them concentrate in large cities

Yes, because it's not like Japanese people would ever concentrate in large cities.

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LOL those last two posts

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"Do the shuffle"?

Or the next economics arrow?

Talking about a no-brainer!

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I do not think that any good employees will be coming. This is 21st century and People are not slaves.

Pls slave yr own Japanese people. Maybe 3rd world countries are poor but people are not slaves.

Pls get yr own Japanese people to serve yr country and do all the dirty work by yrselves. Wanting help and not even will to take care of humans are selfish and bad for society.

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Let me guess.

They're all going to be sent to Ibaraki and Gunma to do agricultural work.

Anyone want to take bets?

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Chinese slaves to come. They won't say no as I have seen them coming even from a few years ago...until they hear that Europe brings more and better (or America of course).

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Central government planning. We've been issuing "administrative guidance" since 1953, and created an economic miracle and then a bubble economy that the nation has not yet recovered from - so have no fears we know what we're doing... Japan really is the last communist country on earth.

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It seems very bad that the government will designate these workers without any choice. At the very least they should be given a few choices.

People are not going to enter this slave-trade program to be sent to the back of buggery to clean ditches for a basic salary with no life. This initiative reminds of the Premium Friday initiative. Does anybody know what premium Friday is? Do you know anybody that gets it? It’s just another failed business initiative like importing these foreign workers.

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How is releasing the numbers of workers in each region supposed to achieve anything? They could limit visas issuance to jobs in rural areas and see how attractive that is, otherwise the workers will go where the salaries are highest, i.e. the cities.

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New Japanese visa category: slave

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