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Gov't eyes limits on dogs, cats kept by breeders to prevent abuse


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Love animals but I'd also rather laws protecting children first, but that's going to take a generation or two a revamped education system and people that actually care. Can't be done overnight.

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Wrong word here, these butt-heads that breed animal's purely for profit, and treat their animals like guano are not "breeders", they are "greeders" and are in it for the money only!

The true "breeders" here in Japan do an OUTSTANDING job with their animals, and are not afraid to share their information on how they raised their animals.

Ask just about any home center or so called "pet shop" about the provenance of the animal, and many if not most will refuse to do so, because they have procured their animals from a greeder and not a breeder! Yet they will put a price tag on the animal as if it was raised by a pro.

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Outright ban greeders. Adopt don't buy and TNR.

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This is the right way to go. Hopefully someday we don't need breeders, or make it super hard to be one. It is unethical, forcing animals to give birth and then take away their babies, all for their own benefit.

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Love animals but I'd also rather laws protecting children first,

Why? Did this law come at the expense of a law protecting children? Do you think it's impossible to have both? Are we supposed to just forget about animals? It's that sort of mentality which prevents progress in this world.

I'd rather see a total ban on pet shops. There are more than enough unwanted dogs and cats at animal shelters. Meanwhile, lots of them are euthanized because they are unwanted. This is a sick world filled with greedy people.

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Environment Minister Shinjiro Koizumi told a press conference Friday the specific regulations are aimed at "ensuring health and safety of animals."

This is the initiative of his wife Chrystel Takigawa, a well known activist who works against animal abuse (chrystelfoundation.org) and supports animal protectionist groups affected by the novel coronavirus. This is the right way to go even if using her husband’s clout. Akie gets Abe in hot water pulling Moritomo Gakuen strings.

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Pet shops should be banned. I got my dog from a breeder. I went to the breeders house and was interviewed by them about my suitability to own a dog. Only after they agreed I could get my dog. The breeders place was very clean and spacious and the whole family took them for walks.

i also went to another breeder. It was a total pigsty. A dog concentration camp.

breeders should be inspected and regulated and pet shops closed.

i know 5 people with rescue dogs. Both dogs and owners are very happy.

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Yeah, because people who throw puppies in a garbage bag and then in the river are certainly going to obey this, especially with the... what is it... fine? for disobeying?

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Only breeders?

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Wherever you have animals kept and exploited for human purposes, there will be neglect and abuse of animals. Whether for reasons of cost-cutting, ambition and greed, indifference, incompetence or sadism.

So society has to stay on it, and on it indefinitely.

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Please include all animals, such as rabbits, hamsters, etc. They are suffering even more than cats and dogs, being considered as disposable toys by so many people, being kept in plastic cages the size of shoeboxes and then being literally thrown alive in wastebins when the children lost interest, it's heartbreaking.

A ban on selling any kind of live animals in pet shops would be so nice, but even in animal-friendly countries such as Switzerland or Austria that is not happening.

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Invite Brigitte Bardot for a photo op.

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Good to see this push in the right and moral direction. My local home center, CONAN, has those awful "pets in windows" for outrageous prices. I dare not walk by them as it is heartbreaking. People, go to breeders and pet rescue center for a guilt free pet.

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