Gov't panel calls for revealing cyberbullies' names, phone numbers


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What if we filter out bad words? Filter out any words that come close to bullying language? Cant AI help?

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That's not how it should work... but instead... find the problem at the root and solve it.

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Most victims don’t need this service. They know exactly who it is. How about not giving them the name and phone number. Instead, just click report and that name and phone number gets sent directly to the police. (Who would ideally do something about it immediately.

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Isn't releasing their numbers leading to more bullying? In this case you don't fight fire with fire.

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Yet they don't reveal the names of police and bureaucrats caught abusing their authority and corporate executives who cheat employee s and endanger the public

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"the action of finding or publishing private information about someone on the internet without their permission, especially in a way that reveals their name, address, etc."

While I find cyber-bullying wrong and socially reprehensible... we, as a people, should believe in 2 principals...

innocent until proven guilty

two wrongs don't make a right

I have no faith at all that there will be a group of people - likely gov't hires or associates - that will get this right in every instance and end up DOXING the wrong person or someone who's comments are taken out of context etc.., The results of which will likely equal or surpass the supposed original offense...

Gott'a be a better way than marching them through the streets screaming SHAME, SHAME, SHAME...

Slippery slope IMO...

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Yeah. Let's solve bullying by more bullying. They really have no clues.

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Social media shouldn’t be anonymous. Having an account should require proof of identity when signing up. After that, everyone is more than welcome to have complete freedom of speech - with the knowledge that comments are directly linked to yourself rather than some random avatar and pseudonym.

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Social media shouldn’t be anonymous. Having an account should require proof of identity when signing up.

Such removes the ability of one to make anonymous political commentary without fear of retribution by government authority.

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The social media platform service provider needs to establish terms of use that forbid bullying and delete such posts. There is no right to use any particular platform

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how about having an option of flagging a user as verbally abusive, and then once he reaches complaints of let's say 20 or so, he will have a red flag. Like in FB, there is a top fan. This will warn people to not trust these people's comments.

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Uness there are laws mandating disclosure of such information, this is just another attempt at window dressing - as so many other toothless laws are.

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People are going to be more and more sensitive as victim and those who abuse know that to do more. Endlessly won't have real resolution to find who is or who are, when there are many of them. Better not to be addicted in social media and go to find experts how to resolve, I went to a police box once but I found another way to find who was abusing me using my identity once, study how to do it or ignore as much you can, because fatality won't be good resolution.

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Yeah you don't want to force people identify themselves on social media. Why do you think Mixi died out as well as Ameba? It was primarily the barrier to entry which was requested by Japan's government at the time.

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As I commented in an article on the late Hana Kimura, I am in favor of making the names of the bullies public. This may seem controversial to some, but ...

Perhaps a more elegant solution is simply by introducing a hate speech filter. Comments with inappropriate and offensive words are simply not published, the publisher gets a warning the first time, the account is deleted after attempting to republish a hostile comment.

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A government panel agreed Thursday that victims of cyberbullying should have the right to ask website and social media operators as well as internet service providers to disclose names and phone numbers of those who made defamatory posts.

Would this apply to people who threaten others, or wish them dead on popular sites, such as this one, I wonder?

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No no no no no no NO! I cannot say NO enough! Social commentary is hobbled by identity. Even book authors have a history of posting under pseudonyms so they can get the truth out. Bullies are bad but throwing out the baby with the bathwater is worse! We don't want to go the way of China and North Korea just because some people are jerks.

Snow Santiago has the right of this. Suspected bad faith users should get flagged and give us software we control so we can decide for ourselves if we want to see flagged users' comments or not. Requiring identity and more third party censorship is just asking for Big Brother to come hold your hand. Don't be a fool!

Sites like Facebook and Twitter already have too much power over our national debates and they have proven to be pure poison. Its THEM we need to curb with new laws, not the powerless little people.

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Yes, pls.

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Have none of you been on the receiving end of horrific censorship or do so many of you have 10 second memories? Yes there are bad people in the world. They are in the government and corporations too! Don't hand them even more power!

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Turning cyber bullying onto cyber bullies.

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