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Gov't panel finalizes draft to cut plastic waste by 25% by 2030


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It also includes support for developing countries' plastic waste reduction by sharing Japan's experience and knowledge.

Japan is very experienced in shipping it overseas.

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China, a major importer of plastic and other waste, imposed an import ban on nonindustrial plastic waste and restricted imports of industrial plastic waste in late December 2017 amid growing concerns over pollution and health problems.

Japan's plastic waste shipments to Southeast Asian nations such as Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam increased in 2018 after China imposed restrictions.

This is the real solution to Japan’s plastic waste. Just ship it offshore to become another country’s problem.

I was extremely shocked to see how plastic was overused in Japan. Everything is wrapped two or three times. The souvenir and confectionary companies are the worst offenders.

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I always wondered why my bananas are wrapped in plastic - They already have their own natural wrapping!

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So I guess only 75% of my marshmallows will be individually wrapped in 2030. Heathens!!!!

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While the policy makes it mandatory for retail shops to charge for plastic shopping bags,

FINALLY. Not that people care much if a bag costs only 20 yen. People should get an ecobag and stop consuming tons of plastic bags.

If the government is serious about battling plastic waste, perhaps they should target the source, factories that wrap every little cookie in plastic etc.

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25% by 2030

How about 50% by 2025 ?

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Japan is usually very good about recycling and usually only misses the mark when it comes to plastic. I try to avoid using as much as possible but everything here comes in a plastic wrapper, it's so confusing. Especially when it comes to grocery shopping... everything is already wrapped, then everyone puts each individual thing into its only little plastic bag, and then puts that plastic bag in another bag... and then put that bag in an eco bag. shrug

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The ultimate solution is in the hands of the consumer/voters. Businesses follow the money and politicians take note if they fear they will lose their place on the gravy train.

A solution I have seen work is for customers to pay for their goods then strip away all the unnecessary plastic and leave it for the shop to dispose of, they soon learn.

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No more stupid omiyage. Fruit wrapped in plastic should be punishable by death. Job done. 90% reduction of plastic waste

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@papigiulio Ecobags are not so good. One bag needs to be used 5000 times to create less waste and that does not include the energy needed to sterilize it after every time food has been carried in it.

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With common sense you can reduce plastic useless wrapping by 25% worldwide overnight.

That is the job of the consumers to get rid of this plastic wrapping habit.

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Everything is wrapped in plastic, even stuff that doesn't need wrapping. PET bottles are the big problem, buying bottles of tea and water to take home - how lazy do you have to be not to be arsed making tea.

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it stopped short of setting a reference year or presenting specific measures

Welcome to Japan Inc.

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I think the corporations using excess plastics should show some leadership (known elsewhere as corporate social responsibility), and don’t wait for the government to come up with unenforceable pronouncements. And what’s with these decades long timelines?

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I need my Plastic bags - for what else am i going to put my daily garbage into !

Whenever I go Shopping, I generally decline Plastic bags whenever offered them.... and simply carry my Shopping home in a rucksack. It certainly helps as a bonus to receive "Green"/"Eco" store points for doing so, only asking for bags, whenever I need them to restock my Garbage bag needs.

Even still, Japanese Plastic bags are rather thin. Those shopping bags I've used to hold garden items in, left outside, soon degrade over a period of months, and after a year or so, are effectively gone with the wind. I don&t know whether this is by design or not, but if it is, and if they are biodegradable, then they're miles ahead of the rest of the World.

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