Gov't, TEPCO ordered to pay damages over Fukushima nuclear crisis


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Headline should read "TEPCO ordered to pay damages on behalf of taxpayers and to get the refund later."

And only to only 43 people?

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So, after ten years after the event a small percentage of the victims receive compensation after a long court battle. It’s disgusting that these criminals can get away with their negligence. These people were forced to evacuate and lost their livelihoods. In return they get a messily ¥100,000 per month? That wouldn’t even pay their rent and utilities costs. TEPCO should never be allowed to turn a profit again.

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The nuclear evacuee's received ¥100,000 per person. Rent free temporary accommodation. They were better off than all the other people who lost their homes and business from the powerful earthquake and tsunami. Some of those evacuated from Fukushima also had collapsed homes from the earthquake.

To date TEPCO has paid more than ¥8 trillion in compensation.

All the properties, land and business within the 20km evacuation zone should have been brought by the government and remain off limits until the nuclear disaster is over.

The final costs will be more than ¥80 trillion. The Nuclear Liability Law limits TEPCO to ¥120 billion in damages.

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Only 43 people, I still have nightmares and the first thought to mind as the most recent 7.1 quake was the nuclear reactor and contaminated water polluting the seas and the fish industry again or even further. The entire populace and region in Northern Tohoku should be compensated. Dangerous radiation prior and after, (recall the exposure limits were raised by both Govt, Tepco), had been exposed but were being told everything was in normal ranges because of the changed RAD upper and lower limits being changed. Dental people reporting damaged teeth though not proven rose in the Tohoku area. Teeth and bone cases rose yet no seems to tie this to the nuclear disaster. hmmmm.

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In the last few days TEPCO discovered reactors 1&3 were damaged by the recent powerful 7.1 earthquake and created new cracks in the reactor containment vessels or enlarged the previous cracks with more cooling water now leaking out and reducing the cooling water levels by 70 cm.

In 2011 the government raised the permitted radiation level from 1 microsieverts per hour to 20 microsieverts per hour just for Fukushima prefecture.

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TEPCO has to pay, ok, The spare power generator was not where it should have been.

but to be honest, who could have foreseen such a huge earthquake and tsunami ? Nobody

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43 people is a good start.

let's continue with the 22,000 people that died and 600,000 evacuated.

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This is madness, the government didn't check safety, the company didn't care. And after 10 or so years people are still living in "temporary" housing? And the courts, the safety net of justice are just now grappling with a verdict, Come on it's not rocket science. I'd hate to be at the whim of justice in Japan.

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The people outside of the exclusion zones, in Fukushima, Miyagi and Iwate who lost their homes to the earthquake and tsunami were not entitled to any compensation, unless they had earthquake insurance.

About 18,000 people died from the earthquake and tsunami, mostly in Miyagi.

160,000 people were evacuated from the nuclear plant area.

Today, there are about 11,000 still living in the temporary accommodation mostly because they don't want to move to a new area and still hoping to return to their former communities.

40,000 have left the prefecture to live elsewhere.

In those prefectures the local governments were slow to build new homes mostly because of trying to buy enough land and also wanting to build away from the coast.

Millions have been spend on a very long ugly seawall suppose to stop the next mega tsunami.

Next month will be the tenth year since the triple disasters.

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And only to only 43 people?

What about the 40000 mothers and children that immediately evacuated to Okinawa, forced to leave their husband stuck in Tokyo.?

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Expect an appeal to a higher court, then the Supreme Court which will side with the government, part of the 'nuclear village', and dismiss the verdict or reduce the damages to a miniscule amount.

It's happened before, it will happen again.

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The former Tepco President, Mr. Shimizu should be behind bars now for his negligence.

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@wanderlustToday  11:09 am JST

Whichever side the Court sides on, there is a need for the Supreme Court to step in on this case. What concerns me most is that we are not even talking similar cases, but really the same case brought up by different people. It is very bad for legal certainty for courts to be taking opposing stances on the issue. The Supreme Court will have to clarify the law and standards to be applied one way or another.

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