Gov't to mandate background checks on students at research reactors


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Students and other personal? They were not doing that previously? Well Nuclear is safe I suppose.

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But people related to universities have expressed concern such a policy could hurt the motivation of researchers and also discourage students from studying nuclear energy.

The inference being that there are people working in these facilities NOW that have mental instability issues?

Just the thought of that is scary enough to want all the nuclear reactors in this country shut down forever!

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They are not the commercial reactors used in power generation plants. One of the largest is the

JRR-3 is a research reactor with a thermal power of 20 MW, which has been contributing to neutron beam experiments and irradiation experiments.

The Nuclear Regulation Authority has been discussing with universities and other bodies the plan to check such things as criminal records and history of mental disorders at the 12 facilities nationwide. The NRA will revise related regulations in the current fiscal year, the sources said.

Strange investigation especially checking criminal records and mental disorders. None of that is currently done with the tens of thousands of workers at the commercial NPP's nor any of the massive temporary labor being used at the Fukushima nuclear disaster plant.

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set to introduce mandatory background checks on students and other personnel using research reactors and other facilities in the country as a measure to prevent terrorism

It's a shame they can't apply the same resolve to school teachers.

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Perhaps set off by an internal memo from some international regulatory body overseas?

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Anyone who has made a negative comment about TEPCO or the Government will be barred.

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