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Gov't to offer disaster info through car navigation via satellite


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Burning Bush - People still use car navigation systems?

Yeah, they use them for watching TV while they are driving. I'm surprised NHK hasn't got onto them and make them pay.

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Yeah, they use them for watching TV while they are driving. I'm surprised NHK hasn't got onto them and make them pay.

They do try. If you say that you don't have a TV they try through your phone, and then through your car navi

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People still use car navigation systems?

Google is free and is updated daily.

Not everyone has a smartphone.

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Good call, the more people are warned the better chance they have to survive. How about adding other warnings as well like landslides, floods or tunnel collapses?

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After living in japan, I can never drive without tv. There are disaster warnings, and updated news about missile launches etc. the GPS system is just a coverup for government surveillance of citizens.

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The disaster warnings are a good idea. Disaster warnings are not necessary to survey citizens as there is plenty of other existing technology to do so.

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So, they are going to build a stripped down version of FaceBook for evacuation shelters, using satellite communication.

Fragile mobile phone networks are given as a justification, but what about radio? How is having this satellite network going to be better? 

And what about those people not in cars to be able to access the information?

Why not build out fiber connections to evacuation shelters? Make the shelters serve a useful purpose for the community in times of non-emergency, which is 99.9% of the time.

Has someone in the satellite dish industry been meeting with someone in the government?

Overall, this sounds like a wasteful spend to me, but democracy here does not work to prevent this sort of thing.

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Good idea. We all saw the footage are cars driving normally oblivious to the tsumani wave coming at them from the side. If it saves a few lives why not.

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So, if there is an emergency message of a disaster on your cell phone and you look at this, won't you get a ticket? Someone I know got a ticket just for looking at her cell phone to check the time. 6,000 yen! At the same time, it's OK to watch TV while driving in your car.

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Great... I wonder how my accidents will now be caused by the false alerts ?

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