Gov't to set up public-private team for info sharing during disasters


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One of the over-the-air tv channels and one national radio station need to be designated as the English channel and one as another foreign language that non-Japanese speakers can go to immediately to hear and see information in a disaster situation. It would be helpful if a sign language interpreter were on the tv screen, too.

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We pay tax for this service, but Abe wants to privatize the safety of citizens??? He is pushing for war, will this be classed as a “disaster” when Tokyo is destroyed? Who will profit from misery?

There are two things to think about. 1. Is this an amakudari motive. 2. Will private enterprise make disaster response better than a bunch of old salarymen beuracrates?

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"A cross-cutting team is crucial as data are collected by separate organizations in times of disaster. The initiative is expected to help dramatically improve the functions of disaster response headquarters,

You can only dramatically improve something if it is very bad. I don't think disaster response is bad in Japan(*) or at least bad in the sense of failing to act simply due to a lack of the centralized post-disaster information this system promises to provide. Most of inaka at least has very organized communities. If mobile communication is still up, local authorities who want on the ground information from somewhere can simply ring ku-cho or kumi-cho. Neighbourhood associations are a pain when you have to go to meetings and volunteer for things, but they are very useful in times of disaster. They provide clear lines of communication.

(*) The response to Fukushima was terrible, but that was for political reasons.

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How good will the disaster response be following the detonation of a 120 kiloton nuke above Tokyo? D'ya all fancy your chances?

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