Gov't aims to restart Kyushu nuclear reactors in June

By Aaron Sheldrick

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A friend of mine had a rental apartment and called the landlady when the refrigerator stopped working. "Why would it break?" said the landlady, "It's been working fine for forty years." These reactors are like that, and near a volcano to boot. Nice choice.

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I'm actually happy they decided to restart it. Maybe now the electric bill will be lower. I also live kinda close to the reactors but don't really have any worries.

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oh nice to see moving in the wrong direction, we all learned from march 11*th 2011, nuclear energy is the new wave for real

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I'm sorry but how far gone sold-out do you have to be that you'd restart nuclear reactors after Fukushima? Japan is cruising for another disaster. Maybe just in time for 2020. It's weird

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Not a good idea,but hard to convince politicians and bureaucrats of that. I think politicians get into trouble because they are in a business where truth is bendable, everything is debatable, re-definable, and changeable. In the world of science, we are constrained by the Laws of Nature, and one's opinion is irrelevant. Politicians are not familiar with working in such an environment.

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About time. There was never any public health or legal justification for shutting down the entire nuclear industry in Japan due to the negligent actions of one company. Although, the shutdown did help big business siphon off several hundred billion dollars in the now "necessary" switch to fossil fuels, and avoid having their precious "capital" tied up in any future nuclear investments. And it helped to get a bunch of new coal powered plants fast-tracked without any of that inconvenient "red-tape" nonsense of environmental assessments slowing things down, because of course the best way to protect people from accidents that don't actually kill anybody is to fill their lungs with toxic, deadly chemicals.

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So, despite the government saying time and again that it is "ultimately up to the people", they ignore the people. Despite the fact that this nation is STILL suffering the worst nuclear disaster in decades (and despite the government saying it was 'under control' so they could land the Olympics of all things!) they ignore said facts and restart the plants anyway. Despite the fact that the companies have jacked up power prices because 'they cannot survive without the hikes' they have declared their ultimate goal is to make profits, have demanded handouts, in TEPCOs case have still not paid compensation barely at all, the government is still going to let all this slide and give them their wishes. Despite the fact that the majority of people in Japan are against restarts, the government is claiming that the specifically timed recent elections, which cost millions to the tax-payers, are a 'mandate to restart NPPs' and yet they need to time this unpopular decision so that it is after elections?

It's pretty clear they will never learn. And no, we aren't going to see power rates go down -- all we'll see is the companies declaring massive profits after restart... until the next big quake around a fault line that an NPP sits on top of. We'll see how much of the nation that is required to evacuate permanently it takes for common sense to prevail. Until then, clearly we can all just suck it.

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The problem is the electricity zoku 族 composed of the power companies (which control generation and distribution) and their political and social group backers. They are squarely in the nuclear camp, and they made sure that the surge in renewables was cut short by refusing to honor the feed in tariff schemes that had made some real dents in Japan's over-reliance in nuclear, with the fall back being thermal powered by coal and natural gas.

Japan is trapped in group think, backing energy which is really expensive to start up, really dangerous if there is a major accident, and full of nasty consequences like spent fuel -- which the Japanese have never figured out how to re-process, instead wasting billions of dollars at Monju and Rokkaso.

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About time. Who cares if they can't reprocess it. It's easy to store. Stop fear mongering. Go nuclear!!

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Gotta love that comment about lowering electricity bills after a restart. The reality is, electricity bills will continue to increase to offset the costs of brining these aging reactors up to the safety standards specified.

I'm wondering how much money the local mayor and community will have dropped in their coffers to gain favor for the restart.

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Disillusioned, your so cynical!!

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Homotenashi -" who's easy to store." Well said indeed sir...I propose it gets stored in your backyard, easy enough solution.

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What the people want is NO NUKES. The country is already bathed in radiation.

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mukashiyokatta radiation is a natural part of our environment. For your information radiation is released into the environment by burning fossil fuels. Then add the health problems and fossil fuels are many times more destructive than atomic power. As for being "safe", nothing we do is 100 percent "safe".

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Indeed. This area is more likely to be 'bathed in radiation' due to the burning of fossil fuels than anything from Fukushima.

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