Gov't announces plan to store radioactive soil in Fukushima


The government on Saturday unveiled its plan to store radioactive soil in storage facilities in Fukushima Prefecture.

Environment Minister Goshi Hosono, who is also the nuclear disaster minister, and Fukushima Gov Yuhei Sato addressed a meeting of the heads of the prefecture's municipalities in Fukushima City.

At the outset of the meeting, Hosono apologized for the burden being placed on the prefecture as a result of the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, and asked for their understanding and cooperation, NHK reported.

Hosono said that up to 28 million cubic meters of radioactive soil will first be stored for three years in temporary facilities to be built in each municipality. The soil will then be moved in January 2015 to larger facilities to be constructed by the central government within the prefecture, NHK reported.

The government's plan calls for final disposal of the soil outside the prefecture after 30 years.

However, some municipalities have expressed opposition to the plan. NHK reported that peach and persimmon farmers are concerned because some interim facilities will be built adjacent to their orchards and they are worried that their fruit will be contaminated.

Meanwhile, Fuji TV reported Saturday that 240 people from all over Japan have volunteered to help Fukushima City with decontamination activities on weekends. The group will help decontaminate parks and roads.

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"Why tourism in Fukushima makes more sense than ever".....

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With 13,000 sq km of contaminated land across 8 prefectures, that's a whole lot of soil.

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Putting it next to the Fukushima npp is the only realistic solution. That place is already doomed. Leave the rest of Japan alone. PLUS, aren't these weekend decontamination exercises in futility? The npp is still emitting radiation, so it is far too early to more than locate hot spots. Photos of volunteers had no realistic protective gear. The peach and persimmon farmers of Fukushima are rightly worried.

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Gotta make Fukushima a "no grow zone". Only way to be safe in that respect.

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30 years for "final disposal". Anyone who doesn't think this is in the same category as Chrenobyl is simply fooling themselves. Fukushima is a dead-zone for at least a generation or more so that Japan could have "cheap" power.

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it would be better to make Fukushima a "no glow zone!"

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What is from Fukushima, STAYS in Fukushima. A trickle of wisdom has sprung.

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They should keep it closer to the reactor which is more doomed and create one large area so it is not spread into non-contaminated areas. After 3 years they will move it where? Somebody should develop anti-radiation pellets that would neutralize the radiation. We have radioactive materials stored up in USA, Russia and other nuclear missile countries that will have to be stored for thousands of years. They know that the concrete coverings will not last. That is a bigger problem coming to our downline in the generations to come. Maybe by then there will be sun like fusion reactors that will neutralize the radiation.

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Theres a lot of abandon farmland throughout japan why doesnt the central govt give some of that land to the farmers.

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What is from Fukushima, STAYS in Fukushima. A trickle of wisdom has sprung.

Shouldn't that read "What is from Fukushima goes back to Fukushima?

Personally speaking here all the facilities should be built and maintained on TEPCO's facility that houses the nuclear reactors that caused this problem in the first place.

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Jared Norman,

in this country, private ownership is protected. When they built the expressway out to Narita airport, a farmer refused to sell even though he was offered a high price. They built the expressway each side of his farm. After some 20+ years, I think last year or the year before, he did sell up but for much less than the original price offered.

There are farmers who would like to expand their number of fields and while there are empty fields, no one can be forced to sell or rent them out.

In this country, there is no compulsory purchase laws.

Prior to 3/11 there were about 30,000 homeless, mostly men. Since 3/11 that has increased to over 150,000 now mostly families. There are thousands of empty homes. Makes me mad!

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"What is from Fukushima, STAYS in Fukushima."

I just wish that could happen with all the radiation too!

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'a no glow zone'. Sorry but it made me laugh!

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I don't believe a word the govt says these days.

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240 people from all over Japan have volunteered to help Fukushima City with decontamination activities on weekends

Wow, courageous Japanese, I am very impressed.

If Japan starts hiring the South East Asians for a clean up job of Fukushima, keep it mind the world will not be quiet. It is very immoral. You planted the seeds ( pro nuke energy policy), then YOU need to clean it up yourself including debries floating to Hawaii and the West Coast.

As far as Fukushima, it is doomed for many generations to come. I may sound too harsh to you, but it is a time for Japanese gov to face up to the truth. Sorry guys.

Hope for Japan

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Decontamination does not seem to be working and its not reducing the level of radiation?

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should send all the soil and other containmenated stuff to the senkaku islands. then lets see if the chinese want them still.

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What is from Fukushima stays in Fukushima!!?? I think not. It should be stored in Tokyo. They are the ones who used the energy produced in Fukushima. It should be stored in backyards of TEPCO executives and the planners who took all the shortcuts in not making a strong enough nuclear plant. IT IS NOT FUKUSHIMA'S PROBLEM you ignoramuses! Get bent!!!!!

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Onniyama. Fukushima is already beyond restoring (atleast parts of it). While I agree that it is Tokyo's "fault" (and in fact they should store it all in Kasumigaseki) that is not realistic. All of the waste should be buried in Fukushima and not incinerated to prevent spreading.

The contaminated materials should NOT be spread all over Japan as they have so little land mass as it is. The affected areas should be 100% quarantined but alas the government in all their wisdom are essentially doing the opposite and it will be to the detriment of Japan and the people. The fools in charge must be replaced entirely (all parties as they are all corrupt and complicit).

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Onniyama - the problem wasn't nuclear. The reactors failed when their diesel emergency generators were ruined by the tsunami. Nuclear power is fine, when the people in charge are competent.

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I hope these "interim facilities " don't become "permanent" facilities.

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Jared & Zichi, I was saying the same thing with my rants on relocating these people to unused land throughout the country. I know the laws are ridiculous, but what better time to start reforming them? There seems to be too much in the "can't do it" camps, than the "let's try it out". Now is the time for new ideas and relocation of these people regardless of how much they want to grow peaches. Now, with their little propaganda clean-ups on the weekends nothing is being accomplished. The idea to store the soil in facilities throughout the prefecture? What is the logic? Is this some kind of sick public-works program? Time to close up shop and move to other parts of the country. Sorry Fukushima, but you're done. Face up to it now and start rebuilding somewhere else.

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it would help people if they received their compensation claims, to restart a new life with a couple of kids will take about ¥10 million. About 20,000 people have left Fukushima Prefecture, some to as far away as Okinawa, who are offering grants.

Some of those who have left have also experienced difficulties renting property, finding schools which will accept their kids, even hospitals which will give them treatment. There's now a "Fukushima stigma".

It would take years to try and change property laws and the majority wouldn't accept the change. Most people won't leave the prefecture because its their home, the home of their ancestors for hundreds of years. The place of their family graves. It would be like telling New Yorkers, they can't live there anymore.

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" Putting it next to the Fukushima npp is the only realistic solution. "

Totally agree. That place will be a no-go zone for humans for a long time, so why not put it to good use as storage site? And in fact, it could be very welcome nature preserve.

I hope the politicians have enough common sense to do that and don´t end up distributing low-level waste all over Japan, out of a misguided sense of "solidarity".

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Note to peach and persimmon farmers of Fukushima: Your fruit is already contaminated and it will be for a couple hundred years or more. Nobody should be eating any food contaminated with caesium and the other nasty things the government is hiding from us. It's not only Fukushima, Gunma and Tochigi are also very contaminated. There is vacant farmland all over Japan. The government and TEPCO need to help people move instead of carrying on a charade that contaminated farmland is fine and contaminated food is safe. It's a hideous situation, but nobody is promised the job of his fancy in the location in which he wants to live, forever. Furthermore, it is criminal to propose moving contaminated soil to uncontaminated locations. Injuring uninjured people will not help injured ones. While much of the electricity went to Tokyo, the people of Fukushima enjoyed lavish subsidies and direct economic benefits for years without protesting. We're all guilty.

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Wake up Japan and accept that Radioactive Pollution is becoming an ever greater presence in your future!

Since 3/11, you have been told "not to worry" while TEPCO and your Gov't. have covered up this Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster, which is STILL ongoing! It is time to demand that your Leaders reveal the truth and allow everyone in Japan and World Wide to understand the true scale of this debacle...

If not for the Web, this would have been "swept under the rug" long ago by traditional Main Stream Media (MSM) and then the People of Japan would be in an even worse position since they would not be aware of the excessive amount os radiation that have and continue to escape from Fukushima!

Every day that the Japanese people allow TEPCO and their Government to continue this coverup is a win for their Nuclear Industry, which is desperate to retain its control over the Energy that Japan uses and the money it generates...

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The story to remove contaminated land is more of an exercise by the government to reassure the public that its doing something about radiation. There's an estimated total of 13,000 sq km of contaminated land, and only 1,800 sq km inside the exclusion zone are contaminated with a level of radiation greater than 5 millisierverts per year. The rest is contaminated with levels between 1-5 millisieverts per year. In Fukushima prefecture there's 6,200 sq km of land with low level contamination.

It would cost million and probably billions to remove the top soil of 13,000 sq km. Some areas which have been decontaminated are showing no reduction in radiation levels.

The sensible action to make is to leave most of that top soil just where it is. It will be better just to deal with hot spots and an extensive radiation survey of land in residential areas, schools, public building, hospitals and all land used for farming. The survey should be repeated every 5 years, or may be every 3 years.

Any top soil removed should be taken out to sea and dumped. Even the amount of radiation from the 13,000 sq kms would be small and would have no effect on the ocean. Atomic bomb testing released far more, and also the leaking radiation into the sea from the Fukushima power plant.

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SZichi Why should Japan get to dump all their Nuclear Waste into the Ocean? What would Japan think about other Countries dumping their waste into the ocean near Japan? Leave the entire area off limits and accept the fact that radioactive pollution is going to be a major health problem for a long while in the Fukushima area! + To the Editors, I'm sorry for all of my posts that you determined to be "off Topic"and were remeoved!

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CaptD the level of contamination in the soil is so low. Both Russia and America have dumped very high level waste into the ocean. It won't happen because of some sort of international fear and outcry.

No country could even equal the amount of radiation America dumped in the Pacific from all its atomic bomb testing.

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The government has so far earmarked ¥220 billion yen for decontamination work, with an additional ¥460 billion requested for next year. But according to one estimate the operation could end up costing ¥1.5 trillion.

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zichi When do you think the decision will be made on how to move forward? When you refer to "the Operation" is that "just" decontamination ... or does that include ALL costs of what I refer to as part of ... Japan's Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster?

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