Gov't bans sale of rice from part of Fukushima


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These farms are only about 10 km from our area and this will likely to spread as the testing improves. A very big concern is that stubble burning and the use of ricehulls on farmland and as feed seems to be continuing with little testing of the radiation levels. This is the consequence of a piecemeal approach and the officials should be made responsible for their actions - educate and properly compensate the farmers - yes, but also the multitude of small holders who are not farming commercially.

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"previously solid safety reputation" - please dont make me laugh. i have been here about 20 years and every year there is something - from milk, cheese, croquettes, rice, steamed buns, cakes, falsely labelled _____________ fill in the blank, i could go on. yes, i FELT that the food was mostly safe but a solid reputation? please, dont drag out that safety japan crap.

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Yeah the reputation is dubious. Rice farming here is heavy on chemicals banned overseas for quite a while. Sorry to hear about your situation Miyagidad.

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And the Japanese still continue to eat Fukushima produce? Politicians may eat Fukushima food and drink water out of reactor rooms in front of the media but they do not live in Fukushima.

Schoolchilden in Fukushima are eating the locally grown produce and are storing contamination in their bodies.

The results of which will horrify the world.

The Japanese have some very unpleasant surprises in store for them in the years to come.

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WOOT!!! I feel safer already.

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The one thing that isn't being said is that this only came about because ONE farmer in Onami ASKED JA to test his rice.Consumers should be worried, because JA and the govt. Are not being proactive.

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Farmers in that region should not have planted, after March 11.

Now, with a "banned" harvest, this rice is bound to turn up somewhere in the food chain...

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Ban anything and everything out of that prefecture. You don't need tests to tell you that. Look into surrounding prefectures as well. Seriously. They should give up the idea of decon. Chernobyl is 25 years down the road and look how that's doing. Cut the losses and look for a better, safer future.

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As usual they (idiots in charge) are late to implement correct procedure and seem conpleatly ignorant of what to do. This is sickening!! That kids are being killed by the government that's supposed to protect them.

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655321... You are absolutely right! Don't need any tests to confirm what we already know! Ban living and farming in the area for let's say 100 years... go back then and check... A sad and sorry situation, but real nonetheless, and let the world learn from this preventable disaster...

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Wow! that was a hasty decision. It has only been 8 months since the disaster and they have already made a decision. I am impressed with their swiftness. Way to go J-Gov... Please pat yourself on the back for taking such swift action.

Now, would it be too much to expect a ban on all produce from these areas, sometime within the next 6~12 months?

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tokyokawasaki - Very optimistic there with your prediction. Replace months with years, maybe.

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Congratulations to you all! You guys won.

Never give up and keep pressuring J. Gov when they come up with crazy ideas. You deserve better. I am happy for you.

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“This restriction won’t be lifted until safety of the rice produced in the area can be confirmed,”

I bet they fudge the next results.

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I guess they kept it a secret for as long as they could.

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I know it sounds selfish, but while I sympathize with the victims of TEPCO up in Fukushima, the government really should ban everything from the Prefecture, for the safety of the rest of the country. Their survival should be provided for by the government and TEPCO (more TEPCO than government).

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Even terrorists are kinder to their own.

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The government on Thursday announced its first ban on rice produced near the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant

Too little, and eight months too late. Decisiveness was called for in this situation by Japanese leaders to assure public safety as well as protect Japan's reputation abroad. And, once again, that was a trait completely lacking.

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@Darren Brannan said - "because ONE farmer in Onami" Interesting - how do you know this?

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The Japanese government have more strict food safety guidelines than the American government. Even if rice in Japan is labeled as contaminated the same rice can be sold as food in U.S.A. The Japanese government should ship contaminated rice to U.S.A instead of throwing it away. This is one benefit of TPP. Export banned food to U.S.A.

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@ Darren Brannan.

I'm curious to know which chemicals Japanese farmers use which are banned else where. I'd appreciate details and source. Thank you.

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if you ever go to the 3rd country of Mexico.. first of all don't .. but don't drink the water!

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Aizu Wakamatsu City in Fukushima Prefecture is preparing its annual gift to the imperial family:

The Imperial Household will make a big show of gratefully accepting the gift on behalf of the Imperial family, then when the reporters have left, place the gift in a lead-lined box and have it delivered to a radioactive waste disposal location.

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Bummer. I was hoping for at least a 30% discount on this year's crop.

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