Gov't calls on citizens, businesses to begin winter energy-saving measures


The government on Thursday called on citizens and businesses to implement energy-saving measures for winter as temperatures dropped across Japan. In Tokyo, the temperature on Thursday was 10 degrees lower than Wednesday.

Many electric companies throughout Japan have reinstated so-called “electricity forecasts” – predictions for a day’s total energy consumption – on their home pages. Kansai Electric has added a number of new features, such as information on turbines shut down for inspection.

Kyushu Electric has added a weekly forecast to its website. Additionally, Kyushu Electric will begin aiming for a 5% or more decrease in energy consumption from Dec 26, and the Kansai area will seek to cut usage by 10% or more beginning Dec 19.

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All week we have been treated to lavish displays of Christmas lighting, mostly LEDs but thousands of them, bit of a mixed message?

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Let the government lead by example. Until those over-privileged morons publicly demonstrate they too are trying to save energy, I simply refuse to budge. I would like to see them debating in the diet on TV wearing jackets and neck scarfs, with condensation coming out of their mouths when they talk.

Their 'gambatte' brainwashing ploy (a.k.a mass guilt trips) has zero affect on me...

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After enduring 28 degrees in the office over the summer, presumably we can expect a nice 20 degrees in the office during winter? NOPE! Heaters already set to 25 degrees! WTF?! So, 'setsuden' is only for summer then? As for people who moan about 20 degrees being cold, don't get me started...

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I have my three art studios set at 30 right now. Very nice.

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@bilderberg_2015 - just slam that thermostat down to 20. that is what i do and point to the rules written next to the thermo. if i had to suffer 28/29 in the summer certainly these idiots can deal with 20 and put on a sweater.

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How about insulate buildings properly, reduce the insane level of cement produced here, invest in sensible, localized alternative power mixes, get off the otaku obsessive need for a house full of gadgets, get some exercise and eat a good diet so you are no complaining it feels cold all the time due to your terrible physical condition, remove all drinks machines country wide, have all convenience stores close over night, take down 3 out of every 4 traffic lights, switch off the vast majority of appalling neon - in fact get a life that revolves around something other than 'your convenience' - might be a start, but who will start doing that?

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

Pull the plug on the over-done Xmas lights. I am fine with a few here and there, but when I hear about tens of thousands of LEDs I get a little peeved.

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