Gov't discusses measures to stop crop damage by wild boars, deer


A panel of the Environment Ministry this week held its first meeting to discuss measures to stem damage to crops from wild boars and deer, estimated to be around 23 billion yen a year.

Environment Minister Nobuteru Ishihara told a news conference Monday that he was appalled to see the extent of damage being caused by the animals. "If we do not address this problem with an adequate response, we will be unable to prevent further damage," he said, TBS reported.

In recent years, the wild boar and deer populations have exploded in and around urban areas leading to an increased number of attacks on people, and agricultural damage. The environment ministry says the most devastated areas are in Hokkaido and Nagano prefectures.

Among the measures being considered are a revision to current wildlife hunting laws, including the use of hunting rifles during night-time hours. Following the implementation of the new hunting laws, the ministry is aiming to halve the overall population of wild boars and deer by the end of 2015.

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including the use of hunting rifles during night-time hours

Now THAT is an unexpected solution. Back home, where deer have chowed down on all small plants in the forests as well as the gardens, they have a hunting season to reduce the deer population, and lose only a few humans from stray bullets, but at night? Taking an evening walk would certainly be a lot more exciting...

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They could always try placing a bounty on Boar and Deer, giving incentives for people to hunt them, but I guess the issue isn't that people wont hunt them, but that due to current hunting laws they simply can't?

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There are local huntsmen who could easily hunt down pigs and deer ... the meat is clean, excellent and can be given away to needy families and people who want meat without all the junk being fed pigs and beef in meat factories ... In Hawaii the pigs and deer are also problem... and local gov't has paid thousands to this outfit from Australia of all places... that shoots machine guns via helicopters leaving the bodies to rot wasting food and polluting the land. Send in the local hunters.. they know the land, they know not to shoot each other.. they will eat the food and share it and if allowed let them sell it to restaurants.

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The problem here in Japan is the strict requirement for obtaining and owning a rifle. The hunters are doing it as a hobby and are not professional hunters either.

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Considering, the human population is falling, land used for farming is decreasing, humans are moving from the rural areas to major urban centres, this is not a problem of humans encroaching on animals dwindling territory.

We could reintroduce wolves, but I don't see that happening. Ever.

More hunting by bipedal predators is necessary. Controlled for overall health of the population. Hunting at night though, seems a bit mad.

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I have been hunting deer in Japan since 2011. If anyone wants any information about how to get a gun license and hunting permit, feel free to contact me. I shot three deer this past season. They are running rampant in the mountains of Kyushu, as are boar. ( Happy huntin'!

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The problem here in Japan is the strict requirement for obtaining and owning a rifle.

That's not a problem, that's a plus.

There's plenty of hunters in the countryside who can help with this. The inoshishi are a huge problem for a lot of agricultural areas.

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I think there is a bounty on boar and deer, but there are not enough of them getting old like farmers and it is extremely difficult to recruit and license new hunters. reintroducing wolves would solve the problem naturally.

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How about just posting some good venison and pork recipes? If they can come up with a few crow recipes, that might help address another issue. :)

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including the use of hunting rifles during night-time hours

lol! How about simply "....including the use of hunting rifles"?! As the current law stands, having to wait ten years to get a rifle license is just ridiculous. It's much harder shooting deer with a slugged shotgun as opposed to a rifle. I must have passed up about twenty deer this past season because they were out of range of my gun. Had I had a rifle, I could have helped to reduce the local deer population more significantly. Hunting at night sounds pretty terrifying, given how many hunting accidents happen here in broad daylight each year....

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Can't be stopped, won't be stopped.


Wild Boar & friends.

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Electric fence, poison, rifle, and salt-lick blocks to draw them in. It works.

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What about other forms of hunting? I would bet you could get quite a few deer and boar bagged by kyudo and archery players if they were outfit with hunting bows and arrows (compound bows, hunting tips, etc).

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Bow hunting is illegal in Japan, unfortunately....

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Reintroduce natural predators. Hokkaido and Nagano: perfect new habitats for Siberian tigers.

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Among the first suggestions at the panel was a new fluffy yu-ru kyara mascot to dance and sing in order to calm the wild animals. The mascot's design and personality will well reflect the hearts and minds of the local community and serve as a friendly bridge between the poor farmers and the savage beasts who lurk in the forests.

Yeah, not really, but conditioned reflex took over.

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The problem here is that there are few local hunters as the laws about hunting and who can get a hunting license are not only ridiculous but very expensive. There is already a bounty on deer and boar but when you have to go through everything you must go through to get a license and then pay the exorbitant fees and buy the shells to shoot at 1000 yen a shell, few people want to hunt. The police try to discourage people from applying for a hunting license. If they would loosen the laws, there would be more hunters but as it is it costs about 20000 yen a year to have a hunting license and hunt. Sure you can get a license for under that but not the gun and not the cartridges.

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They can alway make hunting with bow and arrow legal through a permit. Similar to Gentsuki menkyo for 50cc bikes.

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@Kent Mcgraw - ¥20,000 a year?! I wish! My hunting permit for shotgun hunting costs about ¥35,000 per season, including obligatory insurance. The shells are not ¥1000 each though. I use Brenneke slugs and one box of ten is about ¥2700. You are basically correct though, including about the police discouraging people from applying.

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in hawaii they hunt them with a pack of dogs and knife. i also heard of some people who used to bury a 50 gallon drum in the ground at a 45-50 degree angle and put some rotten fruit at the bottom.the pigs go in for the fruit and can't back out cause their hooves can't get grip on the smooth steel. you can then cut their throats at your leisure.

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Wow, this article sure brought out the bloodthirsty segment of the population... One method crueler than the next. I wonder how many animals there are that don't get killed instantly, instead get an ear shot off or leg, manage to get away and suffer a horrible and lonely death. But hey, no skin off your nose, as long as there's beer in the fridge when you get home, right? How about installing proper fences, and exploring humaner ways of protecting crops? Not "economically feasible", i guess...

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“If we do not address this problem with an adequate response, we will be unable to prevent further damage,”

Quote of the week. "If we don't do something, nothing will be done."

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@ Todd Judge One of the many sites for venison recipes, the Guardian newspaper seems to have one of the better ones. Search "venison" on their site. ( )

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