Gov't OKs long-term Fukushima cleanup plan despite unknowns


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30 to 40 years? Don't make me laugh. At least a hundred years and I'm no scientist.

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When are they going to stop obfuscating and admit the true extent of this disaster? This is the worst ever nuclear "accident" - it will take hundreds of years to clean up and cost untold billions of dollars. What an utter shambles.

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The Japanese government approved a REVISED 30- to 40-year roadmap. Why do I get the feeling we will have a lot more "revised" road maps in the future?

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Anyone that has the ability to do simple mathematical equations can understand that not dumping the water is stupid. Just dump it. It can be handled at the same rate for more than 1 million years and more.

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Great, just in time for the Olympics. But then hey, any mishap up in Fukushima won't affect Tokyo right Abe?

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The Japanese government on Friday approved a revised 30- to 40-year roadmap to clean up the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant,

So to put this is perspective -- this means someone who graduated college in April 2011, and lives in the Tokyo area, will basically have the privledge of paying for this clean-up his/her ENTIRE working career, through either taxes and/or electric rates to TEPCO.

Radiation levels at the reactors remain high and the plant is still hobbled by the massive amount of contaminated water.

And will continue to be for about four more decades. Way to go Japan Inc.

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NPP decommissioning - and I am not talking about a melt-down like Fukushima - is the biggest black box with no answer of the 21st century.

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I'm quite sure that both the company and government will have no employees at the highest positions that will still be alive by the time it's admitted their was gross negligence and a whole lot more damage than was ever reported has been done, and cannot be undone, and they are just saying go ahead now and let others worry about and pay for it later. Because they certainly aren't doing their jobs or keeping promises, and even the unrealistic FORTY years is being given the go-ahead without any questions answered, and all this while TEPCO still insists it needs other reactors back on line, is perfectly safe, and will save the people money, etc.

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Ah, but it looks so good to have a plan. People will think you are doing something, even if you really don't have the foggiest idea how to proceed and no way of knowing if the situation can be handled.

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