Gov't orders 112,000 chickens culled after bird flu outbreak in Kumamoto


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Is the bird flu virus killed by grilling over a charcoal fire?

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oh dear, birdflue again!? whats that now birdflue, pigflue, madcow, foot in mouth, radiation exposure, food mislabeling, food poisonings. all in the last 10-15years all in Japan. "safety food Japan" mentality certainly doesnt hold true with all these problems. might be time for J'Gov to let Japanese have cheap access (no tarriffs) to safer foods from countries like Australia & NZ? with J Agriculture PR juggernaut brainwashing the masses to think otherwise I somehow doubt it.

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Bird migration has happend long before government intervention. Is this really the first time a diesease was spread on wings? I agree with the comment "grilling over charcoal." What a waste.

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All those outbreaks come mainly from china

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Unfortunately China is the hot zone for the deadliest strains of bird flu largely because of a unique combination of ecological and cultural factors. The bird flu or avian flu is very infectious in birds. But fortunately it does not spread easily among humans. There is a danger, however that an avian virus mixes with a human influenza and forms a new disease. The new virus could share genetic material from both viruses, being highly infectious like human flu and dangerously fatal like the avian variety. Humans would have no natural defense against it. However, to put things into perspective the current bird crisis is hardly a crisis compared the pandemics of the past such as the Spanish flu, Asian flu, and Hong Kong flu.

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its doesnt matter where the outbreak comes from, its the poor hygene of J farmers livestock, keeping them indoors close together, moving them around between farms. the whole system is floored. but hey as long as it taste good and made in Japan it must be very healthy

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-wtfjapan Sadly you have a biased view of this. would Japan give them coats for them so they can be outside all day? Want it or not. They are far cleaner than those from hong kong. You know. Just google it. Japanese chickens are mostly organic.

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Flawed? I agree. Poor chickens. What a brutal short life.

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