Gov't proposes extra measures to deal with Fukushima water

By Mari Yamaguchi

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The plant’s operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co, has started to improve the design of the tanks and anti-leak measures.

Well, yes... it's a good time to start, if one hasn't.

massive amounts of tritium, the only isotope that cannot be removed chemically by existing technology.

Last I checked, the new and exciting system that was supposed to remove strontium, cesium, and everything but tritium was still not working properly. Has anything changed?

likely to come back as tritium rain.

Sounds like a good name for a sci-fi movie or a rock band...

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They were talking about a crazy ice wall plan to stop the water when all they need to do to reduce it is lay some concrete???? Oh God...

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"Jeanie" is out of bottle, and you cannot put her back into the bottle. That's why I AM totally against Nuke energy. It is not safe on "Tofu" islands of Japan.

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I thought they'd already decided on a new plan, abe BB new secrecy bull will take care of pesky leaks.

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It seems like the blind are leading the blind,

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They could split the contaminated water among prefectures like they did with the radioactive debris and call it Project Mizurwari.

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Enough with the proposals, recommendations and suggestions! How about some bloody action??? While these old beurocratic fools are procrastinating and dithering over possible solutions millions of tons of contaminated water are leaking into the ocean and surrounding environments. It's been nearly three years and they still have no pro-active plan. It's absolutely ridiculous!

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Doesn't really matter anymore, everything is secret and we'll never know the truth of anything

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If the Japanese Emperor, his household, Shinzo Abe and his LDP can eat Fukushima rice they can just as well drink Fukushima water. There is no need for the so-called extra measures since nothing will and can be done. The ground water has already been contaminated. Just make sure that you eat and drink by yourselves and not poison travellers to your country.

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i have a stupid idea, lets build an ice wall to stop the spread of radioactively heated water, desperate smart idiots

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