Gov't readies additional Y3 tril for Fukushima clean-up

By Yoshifumi Takemoto

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I think no one will return. Area should be used to create new co2 nuclear plants as well as nuclear storage and burnt ash trash dump(mix with cement).

One thing I hate to see is evil connected people get over compensated. It seems they are using this as an excuse to steal electric power system and nuclear power.

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The Japanese government is "borrowing" an additional 3 trillion yen. That means from us, the taxpayers. TEPCO is really going to repay this, a total (probably going to increase) foreseeable 5 trillion yen...when? in 3011?

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pochan - Don't worry they'll all be broke long before then

Yeah but their executives will be rich...

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Desillusioned: 30 billions - 30,000,000,000 - not millions!

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A new day and another fable.

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Have they started moving the rods yet? It all seems to have gone silent on that side of the cleanup operations.

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TEPCO needs to be paying for ALL of this NOT the Japanese people.

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So, the company shows a profit on the stock market yet they get a hand out of 30 million bucks of public money from the gov? I have the distinct impression we, the tax payers, are being royally screwed!

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Unbelievable that the government keeps dumping money into the well while a survey performed earlier this year says that 87% of the people living in the areas affected by the nuclear disaster think that "the reconstruction is not progressing", not to mention many other data about people using their subventions to go to play pachinko, subsidiaries in charge of decontamination being controlled by the gangs where people with no other income work per about 10,000 yen a day, and the list goes on.

I hope the government realizes that the money needs to be managed by people that are both competent and close to the affected areas and stop giving away money hoping that just by doing that the problems will go away.

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The mother of all gravy trains for the well connected contracting companies for decades to come.

Don't worry they'll all be broke long before then

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The mother of all gravy trains for the well connected contracting companies for decades to come.

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I would like to praise the 'effort' to mend things (rather than not doing anything principle) however, how effective is this 'clean up' actually? has there been any studies on its effectiveness? what if they do this 'clean up work' just to 'create jobs' or to please people by showing that they are doing something, but what if contaminated land will always be contaminated no matter what is done to it unless the radioactive decayed by itself in time and its actually its just a waste of money?.. I would love to hear a detailed report about this 'clean up' work. I hope the journalists will dig deep into the issue and expose this issue to the ppl.

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I wonder what percentage of this will be spent where it is needed, for the purposes for which it was borrowed, and how much will be brown-enveloped to TEPCO execs and yakuza shell companies?

Going on past form, I'm not holding out much hope for a gleaming beacon of probity and honour.

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