Gov't regulators to investigate Fukushima nuclear crisis


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Nobody has inspected the (Fukushima) site very closely

Of course not. Why should they? It's best to keep these things -- ie, nuclear disasters -- secret, especially from the public.

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Japanese government regulators said Wednesday that for the first time they will conduct their own investigation into the country’s nuclear crisis to address key unanswered questions.

Ok, so you so far no one from the government has done this? Alright I get this part.

The Nuclear Regulation Authority said its investigation into the disaster at the Fukushima Daichi nuclear plant will be conducted by a panel of outside experts.

Wait? You mean no one in the government is qualified to do this on their own? Outside experts? From where? Doesn't this conflict with the "doing their own" statement?

The probe will start by the end of April and could take decades to complete because parts of the plant,

Ahhhh...Now I get it, it's a jobs program!

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Ok, so you so far no one from the government has done this? you mean so far no one from the government has done this?

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They are a bit late to the ball game.

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How many probes does their need to be, either they are:

Wasting tax payers money or The previous reports were bogus
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NOW??? They waited till now?

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So more than two years after the fact they're going to investigate something they've already judged as 'under control'?

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Maybe they should watch some PBS Frontline or NOVA programs on this. < > They may learn more than from TEPCO.

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If it took them this long to investigate a NUCLEAR DISASTER then both they and TEPCO are equally incompetent. Partially explains why they are already predicting it will take decades to complete the investigation, and why up till now no TEPCO executives have been criminally prosecuted. To me, this is just a dog and pony show that the government is orchestrating to alleviate taxpayer pressure. Nothing will change.

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So, the aim of this investigation is to determine whether it was the quake or tsunami that caused the meltdown and may take decades to complete? Seriously? Does this mean that, all other reactors will not be restarted pending the results of this investigation? It has already been confirmed that it was the tsunami that shorted out the electrical system causing the electrical system to fail and because the back up generators were at ground level they were also swamped and failed.

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This is a total FARCE.

After all this time and all these reassurances that it's all totally safe and there's nothing to worry about, we find that THEY DON'T KNOW yet.

What do these guys do in the government?


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I would say better late than never, but not sure these people will add much to what we already know. Probbaly just find another few people to blame.

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From my own personal investigations through the news and the images we are constantly shown on tv and in the paper, 'it's broken!'

How quick was i to come to this conclusion? About a day after the earthquake and tsunami! I'm a genius!

Can you just fix it, please?

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Sounds like someone's family member needs a job that will last ten years or so, throw in some retired Diet members with good family names to make it look official and you have yourself an outside panel that the government can trust. Of course they will come back in ten years and say, "TEPCO was in compliance with government regulations and there is no way they could have prevented this disaster".... I just saved the tax payers billions of Yen.

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WTF...... I have been reading investigations here and there by Japan since the disaster and now you are investigating again but this time for REAL What was the investigation then? PROPAGANDAS? And what about this time, another PROPAGANDAS?

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The thing is I can't really bring myself to believe anything the government comes up with. They've been towing TEPCOs line the whole time, so what is gonna change now? I'd prefer an independent assessment made by an international body or even better- two separate investigations, one by the government regulators and one by an international body. Then compare the two.

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