Gov't risks angering both sides with energy mix plan

By Linda Sieg

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I am pro nuclear but anti-stupidity.

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How many people are pro nuclear? We must be talking about 100 (rich) people and shareholders here? Screw them!

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The vast majority of LDP politicians are pro-nuclear. Voting for them is voting for an increase in nuclear power in Japan.

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50 odd n-power stations are idle...that says it all. Lights are on AC is on reactors are off.

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Gov't risks angering both sides with energy mix plan

It might be an idea to look at the cause of each side's anger then. Surely then we'll see which side is corrupt...

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This is struggle with very clear battle lines drawn , on one side is the nuclear village and big business who primarily care about profits and on the other are ordinary people who care mainly about safety and clean future for their kids. Hope the J- public will remember this when the election comes around and vote for the party with the clearest vision.

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There does seem to be very clear battle lines, however the DPJ and LDP are basically fighting for the same side here. Sounds like a great opportunity for some third party to step into the picture to take advantage of this fact.

Unfortunately, the system is only slightly better than the 2 party system in America which assures that voters have no real choice.

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Energy efficiency improvements are seven times more effective at reducing greenhouse gases, per yen spent, than nuclear power.

Care to elaborate?

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" Energy efficiency improvements are seven times more effective at reducing greenhouse gases, per yen spent, than nuclear power. "

And from where do you pull these figures? Besides, do you seriously believe in the "greenhouse gas" religion?

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Now the government is trapped between a growing grassroots anti-nuclear movement

Every next Friday, there are fewer and fewer protesters in fron of the Kokkai. Judging by there decreasing numbers, the anti-nuclear movement does not seem to be growing. Just saying.

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Which is why the Noda government will play the 'do-nothing, say-nothing' card and make non-commital remarks like, "We are thinking about this and that", and "something will be done in the future", etc. If they're going to burn either way, they may as well take a stance and stick by it. But it is Japanese government we're talking about -- the most wishy-washy in the world.

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Hi, Nuclear energy is clean for environment. Gas burning is not clean. Don't want to pay 300% more for energy in the future. Put it back!

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If Japanese people will vote for LDP again, it means they don't get that LDP is the pro-nuclear party, the one that ruled Japan for the past 50 years building up nuclear plants everywhere. Fukushima is the consequence of their policy. But I already fear Japanese will vote for LDP, because they think DPJ is the guilty for Fukushima disaster.

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I wonder how many posters here are astro turfers paid by some corporation...

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hum, since the european lobby seems bent on annihilating the chinese solar panels from the eu market you might be able to strike a deal and solarpanel the whole country for next to nothing. Fat chance if that territorial ..ssing doesnt stop, i know. Hope it does, it seems to get worse lately

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