Gov't sees delay in restart of world's biggest nuclear plant

By Yoshifumi Takemoto

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TEPCO warned it may have to consider boosting electricity rates as early as autumn if it could not reopen Kashiwazaki

It's a GOOD thing Kashiwazaki rector is delayed - - Hopefully , the delay will continue ad infinitum. . . .However, how typical of TEPCO to hit the consumer because of it's gross mismanagement . . . . Moreover, WHY has no one at TEPCO been charged for the FUKUSHIMA mess to date either ?????

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Why are they still spending all this money trying to restart the reactors that people here don't want? They could use the time and money building effective clean energy sources like the government was going to work on before Abe came in...

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Bwaaaa! This month or next month doesn't make any difference. Sooner or later they will have all the reactors back on line cos that is how the j-gov functions. They are secretive and keep everything looking good on paper. No amount of public protest (or common sense) will sway them from their objectives.

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The worlds biggest reactor? Why is that so important? The worlds biggest N disaster? TEPCO the worlds most dastardly company....Why does Japan have to be the best at everything?

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and even better would be if TEPCO was sold off, lock stock and barrel and made to pay for causing the nuclear disaster,

If they are sold off how can they pay for the disaster?

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Frustrate, delay, stop, prevent and so allow further development of alternatives to replace an industry that is simply not needed in Japan... or anywhere. Tick-tock tick-tock. A whole beautiful year without nuclear. Long may the year expand, grow and lengthen.

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@Mike: The tax payer is paying.

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Selling off TEPCO would return some of the public funds since the government owns 52%.

So keeping the company running, if it can make a profit, would potentially return more to the government over time than selling it. And if the government owns 52% then TEPCO is essentially part of the government, so either way the government (and hence the taxpayers) is paying either way.

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Why are the J-oyaji always so ganko? Oh, that's right, they're in it for the money.

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Fukushima had three meltdowns.

One plant. Three (3) meltdowns.

Zichi - you can't have a new agency because my house is unclean!

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In real life terms, TEPCO will never make a profit again, will never be able to repay the public funds even if it was required to do so, the gov't only owns 52% of the stock and there'll never again be dividends

So they sell off the company, get some money back. And then who is responsible for the continued clean up and the compensation payments to the evacuees? Would the answer be the government? Except now they don't have any income from the sale of electricity.

I suggest you are just trying to be argumentative?

Hardly, but nice projection. Even if TEPCO is operating at a loss, they are bringing in some money. So even if it only covers 20% of the cleanup and compensation costs, that is more than 0% which is what there would be if the company is sold.

And just who is getting punished in your plan? Sounds like the government and other share holders.

All the current TEPCO employees get to work for new companies.

And I am sure the upper management all have plenty of money to retire on, so they get to retire and not have to worry about the cleanup. Sounds like a win for them.

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Everybody here ranting against TEPCO should remember that we all depend on their product. And everybody ranting against nuclear power should remember that costs of importing massive additional amounts of fossil fuel from the Middle East is due the refusal to re-start Japans nuclear power plants. And also that while we are dreaming of happy windmills in the sky, China next door has 13 new nuclear power plants under construction, and another 60 in the planning stage.

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"Tepco warned i may have to consider boosing electricity rates in early autumn if it could not restart Kashiwazaki" I would take the above as indicating Tepco is giving itself up to engaging the scare tactics to blackmail the people into accepting the restart Kashiwazaki. They are giving us the "Damned if you do,damned if you don't" worst of both worlds. The 3:11 triple disaster was unprecedented in that it was a once- in -a -thousand- years huge earthquake, triggering the killer tunami and the nuclear power plant accident and that in a FIRST-WORLD country in broad daylight and was rellayed live almost simalteniously, giving almost anyone living anywhere pause to giving second thoughts to work on nature and get the most out of it to improve our living. Japan has ended up soiling the atomsphere, the soil and the occean, which is common property belonging to all mankind. Japan should be under moral obligation to give up nuclear power generation on a phase-out basis if not right away to show the rest of the world that the country has learned a lesson the hard way. Going about it in a "business asusual way" should not be OKed. Getting down to the reality, the money spent importing fossil fuels should be put to better use with renewable energy getting a fairer go. Thus we can have it two ways or three ways, giving the "made in Japan" renewable enrgy technology a better chance, getting the centralized way of power generation and distribution, regional monopoly-based, giving idled rice paddy fields a chance to work again, leading to the reinvigorate the rural economy, etc.

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