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Gov't sticks to 3-year deadline on reactor restart decision


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"NRA Chairman Shunichi Tanaka said in an interview in the Asahi newspaper on Friday that completing safety checks within the three-year timeframe set by new Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will be impossible to meet.

"Impossible" within three years? I'm not a nuclear expert but it seems like a long period of time to me.

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Expect the NRA Chairman Shunichi Tanaka to be replaced or be bullied into accepting the LDP timeline. Abe just appointed Imai Takaya, a pro-nuke bureaucrat from METI who helped negotiate the Oi restart, as a policy advisor. Imai has deep ties to Nippon Steel. This is a signal that the nuclear village people are back with their eager hands ready to reach into the public purse.

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there will be 3 new prime ministers in this time frame...prepare for a populist government which gets nothing done, neither good or bad (such as restarting reactors)

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"Japan’s new government says it hopes to stick to a three-year deadline to decide..."

That's all I need to read. They can't even decide on anything and so have to set deadlines for thinking about deciding. Only in Japan.

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“Gov't sticks to 3-year deadline on reactor restart decision. We have not decided on the policy of going zero-nuclear by the 2030s,” Motegi said, referring to the previous government’s policy.

What is the new gvt's energy policy if it is trashing that of the former regime? I have not even heard the new government mentioning anything related to promotion of alternative sources of energy apart from nuclear! Is the new gvt's only value proposition to promote nuke energy, despite safety concerns?

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All but two of Japan’s 50 reactors remain switched off after an earthquake and tsunami caused meltdowns and explosions at the Fukushima Daiichi station in northeastern Japan in March 2011.

I thought that they ALL were switched off and that two were turned back on well after the tsunami? Reading this makes it sound like the two that were restarted actually stayed on the entire time. Even the news readers commented at the time prior to their restart that it was the first time since about 1970 or so that Japan had no nuclear reactors online.

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Is there any talk on alternative energy development by the LDP? Or has it been down to tube already?

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Is there any talk on alternative energy development by the LDP? Or has it been down to tube already?

Exactly, thats the problem. The new govt priority seems to only be shelve all innovative sustainable energy solutions and quickly switch on nuke plants, which i find inappropriate. All new gvt statements seem to suggest that the economic downturn of Japan is because of less nuke energy, which is not entirely right. The economy was already bad before 3/11. Japan recently went through an unusually hot summer months without a problem and with all nuke plants switched off! The new gvt should give Japanese its sustainable energy policy, which should determine actionable pathways. This is the type of leadership japanese are looking for.......

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You don't "switch off" nuclear reactors like a light, they are in shut down condition but still contain their nuclear fuel, has does the thousands of tons of spent fuel in cooling pools.

I didnt feel like having to write a paragraph to describe what one word could do. They stopped producing electricity, meaning that the nuclear reactions were........see, switched off gets the point across so everyone can understand it.

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What had happend to all these right wingers who were all excited about the LDP's win? I do not see any comment from them. They are all too quiet on this topic. Interesting.....only in Japan.

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Maybe they are ashamed of how the voted, now that voted in Japan's disinterest! Some may fall on their swords saving Japan the costly pension payout.

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Of the 13 voting districts that house NPP, 11 LDP members were elected. In addition, the so-called "Tomorrow's Party" aka Ozawa party in disguise lost 85% of the seats which clearly indicates that the voters weren't buying their BS rhetoric.

This is what happens when you inflate the damages, number of protestors, and the actual voting citizens who are totally against NPP.

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I don't see any problem with this :

"Japans new government says it hopes to stick to a three-year deadline to decide..."


the countrys newly formed nuclear regulator saying the deadline was impossible to meet.

means the reactors can not get restarted legally and therefore should all be decommissioned starting right now, well don abe!

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