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Gov't to lift evacuation order on Fukushima town on Sept 5


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You can only imagine the state of their homes after years of abandonment, let alone the roads & shops. How do the expect anyone to return? This is just a push from both the govt. & TEPCO to minimise their ongoing financial obligations.

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Congratulations! You get to go back to your uninhabitable ghost town! Thanks TEPCO!

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Good point by sighclops. Evacuation of residents for safety reasons was never a reason for the area to be abandoned and not maintained for when people returned. Major fail by the Japanese government.

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I would make some senior govt and TEPCO execs live there too! If its safe then I don't see why not. They should also eat all their food from the now "decontaminated" area.

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evacuees have mixed feelings about going back to their hometown due to concerns over radiation and lack of medical care, and it was not clear how many of them would return.

“There are no shops. There are no doctors. I don’t know what to do,” a woman told local media on Tuesday.

I am told that she subsequently brightened when told about all the money being spent on the 2020 Olympics.

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will be the first evacuees to be able to return home permanently among seven municipalities where the entire population was ordered to leave.

No evacuation order, no payments to live elsewhere. It will save a lot of money to have these folks return home.

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Has the government repaired all the roads? are schools open? Are the city people in the ward office? Sounds a bit like sweeping the problem under the rug here

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Let the locals measure radiation by themselves to declare safe. Let them use their own Geiger meter. Let independent media accompany them while they take survey. Guarantee that there will be no further radiation leak from TEPCO. The irony will be, TEPCO should pay for everything.

7,400 is a good number to start with. They just can't force

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Just measuring the radiation in the air isn't enough. I'm a medical professional and radiation levels can differ by a factor of thousands when comparing between levels in air, water and food products. The water supply is probably the biggest concern as different houses get different supplies of water according to their area of distribution.

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It will be better for them to reform their communities. Since the government ordered them to leave they need to pay for the repairs.

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I think they will continue to receive the monthly support payments of ¥100,000 per person for one year after the lifting of the evacuation. Those people who lost their homes because of the earthquake and or tsunami will have to rebuild them at their own expenses. Little point to return if there's no house. Unknown how many of the former residents will return but in other communities which had the evacuation orders lifted the returning numbers are very low and mostly older people. People with young children don't want to return. These broken communities will never be able to return to their former places for decades if ever. There's also the problem of driving from A to B and a straight line no longer possible since many places are likely to remain off limits forever. Today, the radiation levels in Okuma are 15-80 microsieverts/hour.

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This is messed up on so many levels! This is the NEXT PHASE of the disaster!

Like I said years ago, those evacuated should have been given options, wait to return, settle elsewhere, but of course that never happened now they are be forced & if they don't return it will be on their dime, nasty!

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