Gov't to pay more for Fukushima cleanup

By Kentaro Hamada

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Tepco raked in the billions, and now they stuffed yp, the public pays the cleanup. As Tokohamarides said above - Just like the US Bank bailouts.

Large companies take large risks with their money, and when they don't pay off, the public foot the bill.

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such a tragedy

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Zichi-san, thanks for taking us through the weeds once again. Lot of details. Thank you for putting them in order. What a dismal story we are having here.

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We all benefit from nuclear power. When a disaster such as this occurs, we all must pitch in and help out with the repairs.

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If I acted like TEPCO execs, I would be fired.

Not fired in prison, if we acted like them.

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This is disgusting.

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we will pay the price, our children, our children`s children and so on

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Collect all the extra revenue entirely from consumers' electricity bills. That way, the public will know the true cost of nuclear power.

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Yokohamarides; US bailout playbook requires the companies to pay back what they receive from the government. I don't believe this is the case with Japan.

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Thumbs down for the truth??

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Tepco profit is almost dismal

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So I just want to make sure I understand things... My tax money is going towards cleaning up Fukushima even though TEPCO has been ignoring labour laws, ignored safety standards, is tangled up in numerous law suits, hasn't held anyone responsible for what happened, has been giving bonuses to the higher ups, refuses to allow outside help in, has had a shocking track records with leaks and lies and wants to be back in the black soon? Did I miss anything? There would be riots in the street in a country that actually gave a damn.

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The gift that keeps on giving the morally bankrupt.

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Wonderful, fantastic what an awrsom situation, TEPCO makes a profit TAX payers money is a bonus. Thousands are waiting for settlement and the chance to rebuild their lives. Profits first, a company that has flouted almost every law disregarded the most basic care and concern obligations are given the chance again to continue. No prosecution, no penalty just more Tax money? It appears to be profitable to cause a disaster in Japan. Thank you Mr Abea you have made it clear you priorities, the population are not one of them.

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I object! Why should I have to pay for TEPCO ineptitude, negligence, and downright corruption? If I acted like TEPCO execs, I would be fired. But they are being rewarded!

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This most recent bailout is a further externalization of environmental and social costs that have been going on in this industry since its founding. If these costs (and those of waste disposal, decommissioning, etc.) were internalized in pricing, this energy would never be able to compete with alternative sources of energy.

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Straight from the US bank bailout playbook.

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Shouldn't the headlong read read, The public will pay more for Fukushima clean up?

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”Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government, however, has instead opted to provide fresh financial support while backing an internal TEPCO restructuring due to what experts termed reluctance to face legal responsibility for the disaster or risk ripple effects on the wider power industry.”

So, hang on a sec... due to experts saying pointing out the obvious illegalities and ineptitude of TEPCO's handling of the cleanup, Abe has pledged support for the company, is giving them more of our money while they fail to compensate victims, and is allowing this company that has been operating illegally to do INTERNAL restructuring??

When did we switch to bizarro world? Last election?

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Title should read: Hard Working Taxpayers Pay More For Fukushima Clean Up Though TEPCO Continues To Be Profitable

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