Finger flexes keep 90-year-old grandma in shape for playing video games

By Shingo Ito

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Good for her! Keep that brain sharp and hand/eye coordination in shape.

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Many don’t want to believe it, but video games can be excellent for the mind, and she is proof!

(disclaimer: I don’t play video games)

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GTA fan? I can just imagine her cruising around Vice City running people over to Wildstyle and Fever 105. That game has a better soundtrack than any movie.

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Cool! May she keep gaming for many many years

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Cool, grandma! Games are interactive and certainly much better for the brain than the one way idiot box TV. Oh the humiliation of getting sniped by her in COD! Great story for these dark times!

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Using parts of the body on a frequent basis, as we age means a happier life!

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Love it! Hope she shows those kids a thing or two in COD.

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I wonder if she trash talks other people online? Its super cool that another older adult gets us gamers!

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Good for her. Foreign people are always shaking their head, asking : "Why do the Japanese live so long?" Well it's not just a great diet, but keeping the mind and body super active like this 90 years young lady!

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That would be a great commercial for the PS5 and the next GTA game, having her on the controls, making comments.

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It's really refreshing to see some older generations actually exploring and enjoying the medium, instead of just parroting mass media and declaring it the root of all evil while having no idea what they're actually talking about.

I'm gonna have to look up her channel.

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