Grapes carrying messages, images on skin to go on sale


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it aims to sell them to cake shops and restaurants on an individual basis,

One grape at a time? How much will one grape be?

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How personal! I want a grape with my dog's name on it.

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Amazing! Only in Japan. I hope this is a further boost to Japanese farming exports, which is already at all time record levels. These grapes will be very popular in Asia.

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Since JT keeps being too lazy to add them, here is a link with sample images:

All I have to say is....meh.

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Hope none of them break any copyright laws.

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Nope. I don't want grapes that want to send me a message.

Next stop, insurance ads on your bananas. Does anyone want that?

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Still can’t beat coca-colas attempt to beam its logo on the moon.

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Ganbare Japan: "Amazing! Only in Japan"

You got that right. Now they'll be at even higher 'only in Japan' prices. You're kidding yourself if you think these will be exported.

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Amazing but pointless.

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member berries.

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“You're kidding yourself if you think these will be exported.”

I know I’ll never purchase one of these grapes. But I’ve heard Japanese apples that have these types of designs sell well in Hong Kong. Could be grapes will find an export niche too.

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Since people don't eat the skin, can these be 'reusable'?

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you know you're getting old when you can remember the days when you ate things because they were delicious and nutritious..... (⌒▽⌒)

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