Aging canine nursing home to open in Chiba


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Shame that actual people don't get treated as well as this.

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Cricky, what is good about keeping suffering dogs alive? I saw this on TV the other night and those poor dogs should be put down. Japan certainly does not believe in death with dignity - be it humands or animals. Those dogs are suffering and clearly living beyond what is a happy dog life. Many were unable to walk, many were blind and clearly the dog version of vegetable. There is no need to prolong that suffering. Add in the cost is 10 man for a month... Disgusting. Another business milking it.

Couldn't help but notice there is a pet shop attached to it as well. Get rid of old Fido and buy a new puppy mill puppy.

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Same Aeonpet that sells dogs from "breeders?" Dogs that are too small and too young to be taken from their mothers? Stop selling animals, Aeon, then maybe I'd trust your retirement home.

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a swimming pool to keep those legs in shape

Probably the first exercise most of these dogs have ever got.

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How much money is spent on dogs every year, and how many people are in dire need of assistance every year?

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How much money is spent on dogs every year, and how many people could be having babies instead?

There, fixed it for ya!

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no problem with this as long as theres no J taxes used to fund it

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What senior dogs want and need most is as little change as possible in their daily routine, and daily contact with the person they have been closest to all the time they have been growing old.

Hair salons and swimming pools are no substitute for comforting care from a caring owner.

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Somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 trillion yen are spent annually on pets in Japan...

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Simple business, supply and demand. Why not? The dogs are cared for, better than dying malnourished and dirty as they could do with a weak or elderly owner. Also wealth is created and value added to the economy and tax revenue collected by JGov. Win win.

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Elderly dogs still have feelings and many of them still want to live. Every elderly dog I have had in my lifetime appreciated the caring and love they received. But of course there comes a time when it is better to let them go, even though it hurts us so much.

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120,000yen tagged pets when they were bought, costs 100,000yen a month when they get old.

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Shame that homeless dogs and cats aren't treated the same. But no money in that I suppose.

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Exactly Cleo. I couldn't imagine dumping my dog in a dog hospital like this. If the people aren't able to look after Fido, it is a clear sign Fido has little quality of life and would be better off in doggy heaven.

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Those people who said that dogs should be put down when they are old are those people who had not experienced being loved by a Dog or a Cat . Dogs or cats don't pretend when they love someone , human does . That's the difference , business like this takes this opportunity so what's wrong with that ?? If we have money to spent for our dead pets ??!

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No, loving something means you don't want to see it suffer. If you have a dog that is in pain and unable to walk, you're being cruel to keep it alive.

What's wrong is that animals are suffering needlessly because their owners are too selfish to be kind enough to say goodbe and do what is best for the animal. I feel exactly the same for those poor humans who are hooked up to life support machines for months and years on end. Death with dignity. Look it up.

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that is weired!

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