Japanese author of famed 'Berserk' manga dies


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Maybe not one of the "greatest stories ever told" but Berserk was a really good one that resonated with a lot of people that felt frustrated and bitter with many kinds of situations, I hope Miura died peacefully and without pain.

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GDI!!!!! I KNEW this was gonna happen... I was hoping this series would finish before he died on us and I'm pretty sure it hasn't finished.

Berserk was very good and interesting in it's early days, the character dynamics and relationships between Guts, Griffith and the Band of the Hawk.

Early on the series had dramatic dark fantasy elements that I'm pretty sure inspired RR Martin's GoT/Song of Ice and fire series. Betrayal, plots, religious fanatacism, "reality" being overlapped by rather malevolent mythical dimensions and beings. This series definitely has it's moments and development of characters.

I'm sad to see him go... but also discouraged that the series has not finished before his passing.

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