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Ground-breaking ceremony held at Moomin theme park site in Saitama


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I am sceptical of its success, not well known identity, proximity, declining young population etc. Good luck anyway.

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There is a thing called Google......

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Unless they build an IKEA next to it, I am not sure they will recoup their investment.

What does IKEA have to do with a Finnish anime character?

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what is Moomin? at first i thought the important news was about "mooning" which as teenagers we used to do passing luxury liners. picture please of moomin.

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This is a terribly niche amusement park. I can't see it lasting more than a year or two.

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Hope it was privately funded because it's going to be a money pit. Moomin is cute and all, but no way it'll break even.

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Tove Jansonn was a genius and The Moomins are an enduring creation, much beloved in Japan. Her legacy continues to enchant and inspire young fans and artists, alike.

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I don't understand the fascination with cartoon characters. A lot of the novelty shops have Moomin paraphernalia, which is ridiculously priced.

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Unless they build an IKEA next to it, I am not sure they will recoup their investment.

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