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Guidelines on nightlife business unveiled to stem virus spread


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Much good these guidelines do when something like 20 new cases appeared in Hokkaido from elderly folks going out to karaoke during the daytime!

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There is also a risk that customers could give false information.

Of course people will give false information.

Nobody wants his real name and contact informations recorded at a Girls-Bar.

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I hope they stop at urging and not end up forcing businesses to follow these guidelines.

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Operators of nightlife establishments will have to keep a record of their customers' names and contact information and ensure social distancing rules as part of measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus, 

It's lucky that they are only asking such trustworthy types of establishment to adhere to these rules, otherwise I would be very uncertain as to their obeyance.

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how about incentive programs for fathers who spend time with their families or is that too far fetched?

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It's quite simple: do not go to small crowded places without a mask. This means small bars, restaurants, izakayas, noodle shops, etc.

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I'm just going to go ahead and guess without reading the article that there is no enforcement for the "guidelines" and certainly no punishment, other than maybe a free plug for the restaurant/bar in question.

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Their nothing good happen in Tokyo after 2 am in the morning

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