Guinness recognizes 112-year-old Japanese as oldest man


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This "record" has to be the one record that get's changed the most. Congrats on the longevity and I hope that you are leading a life that gives you pleasure, you deserve it after all these years.

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I want to reach that age woth a smile in my face

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"his favorite food is bread"

I'll bet it's a french baquette right out of the oven!

"Koike also recommends “enjoying everything,”

That's what Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn said too!

"he can read the newspaper without glasses."

Me too, if I take them off and hold it close to my face, lol.

"His lifestyle is one that avoids stress.”

How does one get such a lifestyle? Inquiring minds wanna know!

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Is it Koike or Koide?

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He has now lived to a good age of 112-year-old! Great! Hope he would live out further his natural life.

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Congratulations Mr. Koide! There you have it - don't drink any alcohol, don't smoke - and avoid any stress - and you have a better chance of reaching that ton!

the government is reportedly considering scrapping or scaling back a 52-year-old program that presents each person reaching the century mark with an ornate sake dish and letter of congratulations from the prime minister

This Abe government really is taking mean-spiritedness to a new level...

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The Nagoya area must have something in the water, or some other secret. When I was in Japan, I was able to meet two twin sisters (Kin-san and Gin-san). The last I knew they were 109 ! They became celebrities and were really popular for quite a while. That was in the mid 1990s.

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There aint no secret and lifestyle does not play the part we think it does. Its all down to luck and good genes. Case in point... My uncle is 85. Smokes and drinks the best part of half a bottle of whisky a day. He is as round as Jupiter and defines the term tv bum. I do none of these and would gladly accept 85 if its on the table.

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Remember the words of Woody Allen: you can live to be 100 if you give up everything that makes you want to.

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He looks happy and loved, and that's nice, but honestly I think we have got to get over the idea that living longer is better.

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I think we have got to get over the idea that living longer is better.

Couldn't have put it better.

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boggles the mind, 1903..... witnessing so much history in the making...

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man seems like hes still got his mind and health, Id like to live as long as possible while ive still got these intact, as soon as they go its time to turn the lights outs

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For this man bread works others reported chocolate beer barley contributed to longevity so the secret is eat what we like get good sleep and be happy with life.

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I don't care how long you old timers live, but it would be nice if they showed some concern about our compulsory nenkin contributions now and then.

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I would love to hear his stories. Having that much life experience I bet he's got some interesting accounts from the Meiji, Taisho and early Showa periods.

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I was listening to a video of him, and he speaks very very slowly, so if you want to record what he has seen and known, it could take years. Please hurry up.

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